Current Issue: The Journey

The Journey to Cold Mountain

an Interview with Sean Michael Wilson As we get further away from the original sources of our traditions, how these stories and ideas follow us into the future becomes an interesting consideration. Should we digitalize the entire Taoist canon, or the Buddhist Pali sutras? Should there be ‘You Tube’ videos for each of the avatars of Vishnu? If we consider Marshal McLuhan’s famous assertion, “The medium is the … [Read More...]

Why I Stopped Teaching Yoga: My Journey into Spiritual and Political Accountability

Over the past few months people have been asking me, “why did you stop writing?”. “Are you teaching anymore?” I got an email from a stranger who asked, “Where did you go?” It’s taken me months to untangle the threads that wove this transformation together. Like most transformations, it runs deep. After much soul searching, traveling and reflection I can not-so-cautiously say, I don’t teach yoga anymore – and to be … [Read More...]

Why Spiritual Autobiography Matters: Exploring Words of Power

Imagine if you will, a grand party with every sensual delight, the festival hall filled with music, song and dance, tables overflowing with fruits and bread and meat, candle flames glowing in lanterns, goblets of wine and beer, laughter, the cats lolling under chairs, and the sweet scent of lotus blossoms in the air. Imagine yourself in the midst of your life celebrating your community, your beloved, the recent harvest … [Read More...]

The Tao of Vagabond Travel

In his 2013 article, traveler & journalist Tim Patterson provided a how-to guide for traveling free (or very cheap) – a practice that could be called “vagabonding.” Soon after publication, he was promptly assailed by a number of readers for advocating a kind of “shiftlessness” and “irresponsibility.” He was nailed with all manner of epithets – called irresponsible, a hippie, a bum, an idealist, impractical, a … [Read More...]

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