‘Women. Life. Freedom’: Thousands of people march in Paris to support the demonstration against the hijab in Iran | world news

Thousands of people marched through Paris on Sunday to condemn Iran’s Islamic leaders in a massive show of solidarity with protests that erupted there following the death in custody of youngster Mahsa Amini.

Following large rallies in major diaspora cities, including Los Angeles and Toronto, over the weekend, a large flow of people marched from the French capital’s traditional protest hub, Place de la République, instead of the nation.

“Join the first feminist revolution!” and “Mahsa Amini — your name has shaken the tyranny of the ayatollahs!” were among the slogans carried by protesters as they sometimes braved driving rain.

They chanted “Death to the Islamic Republic!”, “Death to the dictator”, as well as “Woman. Life. Freedom”, the three words which have become the main slogan of the demonstrations in Iran.

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They also sang “Baraye” (“For”) which Iranian songwriter Shervin Hajipour composed using Twitter posts about the protests.

The song became a huge viral hit on Instagram, moving many to tears, but Hajipour has now been arrested as a symbol of the vehemence of the crackdown on protests in Iran.

Despite this crackdown, which the Iran Human Rights group (IHR) says has left 92 people dead and severe internet shutdowns, protests continue daily in Iran.

Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi on Sunday again accused Iran’s ‘enemies’ of ‘conspiring’ against the state and said their attempts had ‘failed’ as the country’s biggest anti-government protests since 2019 showed no sign of slowing down.

The wave of popular unrest began after Amini, a 22-year-old Iranian Kurd arrested by vice police for violating Iran’s strict dress code for women, was pronounced dead in custody on September 16.

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