Windsor’s Muslim community prepares for in-person Ramadan celebrations

With the lifting of COVID-19 restrictions, the Muslim community of Windsor is preparing to celebrate the holy month of Ramadan together.

“The first Ramadan that COVID hit, we couldn’t even come to the mosque,” said Osama Warsi of the Islamic Association of Windsor media council. “There was a feeling of wanting to come back.”

This year, however, will be different, he said, with the mosque once again welcoming Muslims during Ramadan, which begins this weekend.

“We are finally able to stand side by side,” Warsi said. “It is a very important thing in congregational prayer that Muslims stand side by side.”

“It’s a representation of unity and community, and it’s very important to Muslims, especially now that night prayers are available at the mosque.”

Warsi said certain restrictions will be in place at the mosque, including requirements for social distancing and the wearing of masks during prayer.

“However, when you stand side by side, the closeness will always be there,” he said. “It’s going to be awesome.”

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Wissam Kabbani, principal of Windsor Islamic High School, said students are looking forward to Ramadan this year too, as the pandemic has made it difficult for students to celebrate Ramadan together.

“This year it’s more important because we’re going to share…our prayers,” he said. “It will be a different spiritual environment when you come together.”

Windsor Morning7:42Ramadan 2022

Winsdor Islamic High School principal Wissam Kabbani talks to CBC Windsor Morning host Peter Duck about Ramadan 2022.

“Students do several activities during this month to better understand this holy month,” Kabbani said. “And when all the students are together in person, fasting together, you have this spiritual force that brings them together.”

Kabbani said students can exempt themselves from certain aspects of Ramadan, such as fasting or night prayers, if they think it may impact their academic performance.

The school, he said, informs “students of the allowance that Islam gives them to break the fast and make it up later if they feel that the fast will in any way compromise their performance. “, did he declare. “Most of them now, because they have that past and they’ve been through that, they don’t have that big problem.”

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