Winchester City Council planning list

22/00530/HOU, Keith Jones, (retrospective) rear veranda with double doors on one side and interior lighting and heating. Area surrounding veranda to be paved, 17 Wheatland Close.

22/00571/HOU, Richard Brennan, construction of conservatory at rear of property, 16 Wheatland Close.


22/00982/TPO, Roger Williams, arborist, Cartref Sutton, Wood Lane.

Bishop’s Waltham

22/00346/FUL, Craig Tickner, construction of first floor extension to existing garage; carport formation; use of the first floor of the garage structure as a two bedroom vacation rental, Fairlawn, Station Road.

22/00605/HOU, Mr and Mrs Latouf, replacement of existing rear conservatory glazing and roof, Devonia, Rareridge Lane.

22/00628/LDP, Rebekah Keeler, existing roof removed, raised and flat roof added, 5 Brooklands Road.

Common of Colden

22/00588/HOU, Mr. and Mrs. Clarke, two story rear extension and one story rear extension, 10 Spring Lane.

00609/22/HOU, Andrew Brooks, front porch extension; rear extension of the ground floor replacing the existing veranda; extension of the first floor rear dormer window to include a balcony, 35 Church Lane.

22/00670/HOU, Mr James Meadows, single and double storey extensions and associated alterations to the dwelling, 12 Spring Lane.

Compton and Shawford

22/00624/HOU, Diederik Bulters, two-storey extension to front elevation, two one-storey outbuildings, three-bay carport and associated landscaping, Cheniston, Compton Street.

22/00685/HOU, Mr. and Mrs. Ashton, single storey rear extension, replacement porch, internal modifications, new fenestration and hard landscaping, with detached single garage, Sunnyside, Pearson Lane.

22/01051/TPO, Sarah Kiss, Tree Works, S Lodging, 1A Grove Road.


22/00647/HOU, Emma Gallimore, UPVC sunroom with dwarf walls and French doors added to rear of property with side door relocated, 33 Lowland Road.

22/00690/LDP, Peter Faull, construction of a single storey rear extension in the rear garden, Netherwood, 9 Hawthorn Road.

22/00722/OUT, Amy Hopkins, facilitation of land in five serviced plots for bespoke/self-built housing, land south of School Lane.


22/00951/FUL, Mr. and Mrs. Church, have offered new accommodation on a garden plot at 1 Catways.

worthy kings

22/00819/FUL, Richard Wickins, seven dwelling development and new vehicular access formation, land east of Burnet Lane.

Littleton and Harestock

22/00697/HOU, Miss Linda Gibson and Mr Matthew Morton, Single Storey Rear Extension, 39 Priors Dean Road.

22/01058/TPO, Mr Wall, Arboriculture, Berkswell, Rewlands Drive.

22/01061/TPC, Caroline McAulay, arborist, 3 Church Lane.


22/01022/TPC, Mr. Patston, arborist, Bluebell Cottage, Duke Street.

New Alresford

22/00504/HOU, Mr Hubble, erects a tennis practice wall and lays 1/4 artificial turf in the garden of Arle House, Ladywell Lane.

22/00945/TPC, Mrs Smith, Arboriculture, 3 Arlebury Park House, Arlebury Park.

22/00946/TPC and 22/00949/TPC, Mr. Hussey, Arboriculture, Honeysuckle Cottage, 42 Pound Hill.

22/00991/TPC, Mr. Wood, Arboriculture, 12 Bell Inn West Street.

22/01054/TPO, Mike White, arborist, 8 Ullswater Grove.

01065/22/TPO, Chris Matthews, tree work, 10 Fair View.


22/00704/FUL, Mr and Mrs Gibbs, construction of a detached house with associated landscaping and parking, following the demolition and removal of existing buildings and structures, Totford Saw Mill, Totford Lane.

Olivers Battery

22/00587/HOU, Mr and Mrs Bargh, additional floor of a bungalow with rear extension and single storey side extension, 18 Mount View Road.


22/00661/HOU, Richard Foster, conversion of an existing integral garage to a bedroom and utility room with an interior door connecting the rooms. Replacement of the existing metal door, with UPVC double glazing and masonry A small frosted UPVC window on the west elevation wall of

home, 19 Linden Close.

22/00933/TPO, unnamed plaintiff, arboriculture, 1 Barley Fields, High Street.


22/00699/HOU, Mrs. Doran, demolition of existing veranda and replacement extension built with mansard roof. Existing porch demolished and replaced with new oak porch with windows. Revised windows and internal modifications, Invicta, Heath Road.


22/01050/TPC, Andrew Page, felled ash trees, Woodrows, Church Lane.


22/01024/TPO, Steve Ward, Arboriculture, Hampton House, Hampton Farm Lane.


22/00700/FUL, Mike Jarvis, change of use from residential bungalow to office, demolition of residential garage, minor window modifications and chimney removal, Silver Springs, Fontley Road.


22/00931/TPC, Dr Sanjay Patel, arborist, The Old Stables, 140 St Cross Road.

22/00604/HOU, Mr and Mrs Duncan, single storey pitched roof extension to west elevation, 8 Wolvesey Terrace.

22/00607/HOU, Mr. and Mrs. Steele, reinstatement of pillared pedestrian entrance gate into existing boundary wall; modification of the new automated vehicular barrier; modifications to the entrance steps leading to the driveway, 1 Beaufort Road.

22/00611/HOU, David Ferguson, replacement of current pitched roof: replacement of felt and slats; replacement of concrete tiles with slate, outside the area covered by the current black solar panels, which will be integrated into the roof. All existing gray aluminum fascias and gutters will be retained, 54 Cheriton Road.

22/00627/AVC, Andy Brook, Clark’s existing site to be updated with new color and brand logo – two unlit faceplate logos to be installed on existing timer faceplate. Storefront to be painted black and soffits to be painted white, 113-114 High Street.

22/00635/LDP, Matthew Hodgson, Gabled hipped roof conversion and box dormer for loft conversion, 11 Vernham Road.

22/00636/HOU, Mr and Mrs Duncan, replacement pitched roof tiles and hanging vertical tiles, 8 Wolvesey Terrace.

22/00645/HOU, Mr Croft, two storey side extension to provide domestic lift, master bedroom en-suite bathroom and ground floor office, Downlands, Sleepers Hill.

22/00654/HOU, rue Mr et Mme, demolition of the conservatory. Single storey rear extension. Lateral extension of the first floor above the existing garage and a covered link from the house to the garage. Forming a closed porch entrance. The exterior facade of the property is to be replaced with

22/00994/TPC, unnamed plaintiff, arborist, 9 Archery Lane.

22/00708/FUL, Dominic Ormonroyd, conversion of existing sui-generis hostel for 10 people into six new apartments, 29 City Road.

22/00713/HOU, Clio Padovani, single storey rear extension and internal remodeling, Mary Land, 9A Bereweeke Avenue.

22/00714/HOU, Mr. Browning, construction of double garage and additional access point, Rutland House, 11 Park Road.

22/00731/HOU, George Green, proposed to replace two existing dormers on the rear facade with two dormers (to match the dormers on the front facade), 12 North View.

22/00743/HOU, Katie Richardson Ditchfield, a new loft extension to match the adjoining loft extension, 40 Fairfield Road.

22/00783/HOU, Mr and Mrs Duncan, unique flat roof extension, 8 Wolvesey Terrace.

22/00860/FUL, New Homes Team, change of use from former public house to residential. Demolition of part of the building dating from the 20th century. Two-storey extension and renovation to create six one-bedroom apartments with bin and bike storage, Corner House, 71 North Walls.

22/00873/FUL, c/o Lynddon Blandford, wall between Marston Gate and North Walls – Tear down up to 45 linear meters of sloped wall to hand specified levels and rebuild using salvaged materials, with same thickness, same style and construction details as existing, Street Record, North Walls.

22/00927/TPO, Dr Mary Scanlan, Arboriculture, 15 Grange Road.

22/00936/FUL, Mr. Knibb, has demolished the present property and replaced it with two pairs of semi-detached dwellings, Little Green, Dell Road.

22/00939/TPC, Ms. Hayter, Arboriculture, 12 Beaufort Road.

22/00944/TPC, Julian Gerry, pollarding 239 lime trees located along roadsides on St Giles Hill, Uplands. 5 Highmount Close.

22/00980/TPC, Ben Laird, Arboriculture, 7 Lansdowne Avenue.

22/00993/TPC, Elizabeth Ord, Arboriculture, Christ Church, Christchurch Road.

22/01000/TPO, Ross Woodley, Arboriculture, Pilgrims House, Sleepers Hill.

22/01034/TPC, Hudson, Arboriculture, 19 Grange Road.

22/01035/TPO, Fairris, Trees, Wessex Skin Clinic, 9 – 10 Norman Road.

22/01036/TPO, Gordon, remove lower branches of basswood, 28 Horns Close.

22/01060/TPC, Kim Larcombe, arborist, Culver Cottage, Culver Road.

22/01066/TPC, Lloyd Rayner, remove three low branches from the cherry blossom in the corner of our garden, 4 Earlsdown, Northbrook Avenue.


22/00961/TPC, Ms Lawlor, Arboriculture, Michaelmas House, Weston Down Road.

22/01004/TPO, Darryl Stevenson, Arboriculture, Wallers Ash, Old Stoke Road.

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