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The current owner of the former Signature at West Neck golf course, formerly an Arnold Palmer course, is trying to maximize his profits by selling the golf course to condominium builders who would build a series of condos on the driving range and fairways of the golf field. Fortunately, no sale has taken place since the owner must ask the city to rezone the land of the golf course for the construction in question.

That’s the problem: the golf course land was already included in the original density planning that approved the 936 homes that make up our community. Any zoning changes would not be consistent with the city’s overall plan or its transition zone guidelines. Building on the property would flaunt the “rules” and in fact disrespect all previous developers who have built within the defined transition zone of the city. Our West Neck Board of Directors and the majority of owners want the new owner to revitalize the golf course (or at least cut the grass, weeds and vegetation) and offer it for sale as a golf course prestigious as it is. City Council must stand firm in protecting our unique community by not voting to rezone the golf course if, or when, it comes before them.

Joseph Kuhn, resident of West Neck, Virginia Beach

Re “Military Orders” (Your Views, May 12): Writer Glenn Neklason said military men don’t have control of their bodies when they’re sent to war, it’s true. But these men made the choice to join the army; they weren’t forced to.

Re “Limits for men” (Your Views, May 12): Writer Webb Lancaster gave examples of where men are ruled by wealthy older white men. Each example applies equally well to women, and again these are choices made.

Re “Reverse it” (Your Views, May 12): The author ignores that the Constitution was written by rich old white men for rich old white men. John Bloom contradicts his argument by asserting that the Constitutional Party of Virginia will protect the rights of everyone, which would include the right of women to control their own bodies and lives as well as that of a fetus. How they propose to do this is a mystery. The Fifth Amendment protects the “right to life,” which includes women. When the Constitution was written, women were essentially property.

The real problem is that the MAGA party (formerly the GOP) is actively taking away rights from Americans, from the right to vote to women’s rights, to LGBTQ people, to everyone outside of their white matriarchal society. Roe v. Wade isn’t just about abortion; it is about a woman’s right to health care and to have control over her body and her life. They don’t care about a woman who has been raped or who has been the victim of incest. They don’t care about the child once it’s born. They are all about control. Vote wisely in November.

Susan Clark, Suffolk

Those of us in our 70s and 80s still have memories of life before 1973. For those pro-life believers, you have no idea. My friends and I didn’t even know what was going on to get pregnant, was it “french kissing”?

At 15, my friend and I were planning our future. We knew she would graduate first. All the boys we knew were terrible flirters; we may have teased, but still lived by the advice of our parents. So I was jealous when my friend went to her older cousin’s party. I couldn’t wait to hear all that. But she slept the next day and her mother said she was sick.

A few months later she said she was leaving for Arizona to visit her aunt, a tearful confession followed letting me know she was pregnant. She promised she would be home soon – and she was, in a coffin. His family was destroyed, his friends left with a horrible memory.

Please understand, no one, no matter how liberal, is pro-abortion. However, we love life and cherish our health. Making the choice to terminate a pregnancy is heartbreaking in itself. Yet we cannot go back in time. We cannot afford to lose even one more friend. Would we build orphanages to house unwanted children, which was the norm at the time? Learn the truth about the past. Pray that you never lose a loved one to a clandestine and illegal situation, because that is what will happen if Roe v. Wade is canceled.

Kimberle Rizzo, Virginia Beach

Re “Global Pollution” (Your Views, May 10): The author implies that there is nothing the United States can do to stop the rest of the world from continuing to pollute the world. The author needs some facts of British, French or even Spanish colonialism, that through 100 to 400 years of rule they left countries depleted in resources for the benefit of their own lands.

Coal has been imposed on countries like India and China. The United States has 5% of the world’s population, but uses about 25% of the world’s resources and outsources the production of buckets, nuts, bolts and telephones. How dare we say they are carbon polluters.

If they were produced here, the carbon footprint will increase here. The climate justice movement says it is worried about the future, but what future for children in Africa, Asia and Latin America who worry about the present? When 2.3 billion people can’t eat now and the West says to cut back on your intake, now try saying that to a child who hasn’t eaten in days. There is no future to think about until Western society fixes the present in these countries.

Ray Patel, Chesapeake

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