University College Hijab Students Demand ‘Justice’, Give 2-Day Ultimatum

The Mangalore University Student Coordinating Committee (Vidyarthi Samanvaya Samithi) has called on Mangalore University and the constituent college of Mangalore University, University College to do “justice” to the students who were denied permission to attend classes wearing headscarves at Mangaluru University College. The committee demanded that the issue be resolved within two days.

“If the agitated students who have demanded justice do not get justice, we will organize a massive protest rally by uniting students from across the district,” warned Samithi President Riyaz and other students at the University. College who asked the authorities to allow them. wear the headscarf inside the classrooms.

Gousiya, a final year undergraduate student at University College Mangaluru, said, “We wear hijab in the classrooms even after the High Court verdict. It was May 16, we received a message from the college director ordering all students to wear uniforms and attend class without hijab.”

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Stating that the High Court’s hijab ordinance is not applicable to university colleges, Gousiya said, “The Mangalore University Syndicate has taken a decision to ban the headscarf inside the halls of class following a representation made by ABVP students. There was no problem with hijab in college all those days. It appeared recently.”

“We have approached the principal of the college, the vice-chancellor and the deputy commissioner of Mangalore University, asking us to wear the hijab in the classrooms until the end of our academic year. Some of us will be finishing our studies in the next two to three months. The decision taken by the Syndicate in the middle of the academic year will hamper our studies,” she said.

“We were neither allowed to sit outside the classrooms wearing the hijab nor to visit the library to write our notes. A few of the ABVP-supported students even harassed us inside. of the university campus by filming us, commenting and abusing us from behind and arguing unnecessarily with “Some had flaunted us with stolen saffron during our visit to the university campus. We had even filed a complaint with the director of the college for harassment. However, no action has been taken against them so far,” she said.

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She said the legal fight will take a long time. “Although we have urged community faith leaders and like-minded organizations to come to our aid, none have responded so far. The University College prospectus stated that female students were allowed to wear their uniform’s veil as a headscarf.

“We are fighting for our rights and hoping for justice,” she said.

However, following the High Court’s verdict, the Mangalore University Syndicate at its May meeting passed a resolution making non-hijab uniform compulsory for students studying in its constituent colleges and colleges. paragraphs of the prospectus relating to the headscarf have been deleted.

Recently, when ABVP-supported students staged a protest inside the university campus, foreigners also joined the protest, the pro-hijab students claimed.

Furthermore, they alleged that the college authorities failed to even call a parents’ meeting to discuss the Mangalore University union’s decision.

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