The Muslim community of Exmouth wants a new community space.

10:26 am 13 June 2022

13:14 16 June 2022

Muslims in Exmouth are asking district and county councils to help them set up their own community center in the town.

At an event on Friday June 10, members of Exmouth’s Muslim community gathered and invited city leaders from across the town to Exmouth Rugby Club to highlight the need for their own space to meet at Exmouth.

As you can see, during Friday prayers the Exmouth Rugby Club clubhouse is very busy.
– Credit: Adam Manning.

Although Exmouth Rugby Club have been kind enough to allow them to use the clubhouse, it is too small and very crowded when they gather for Jumma prayers on a Friday afternoon.


Some of the children are about to give flowers to Simon Jupp when he arrives.
– Credit: Adam Manning.

Attendees included Simon Jupp MP, Exmouth Mayor Steve Gazzard, Exmouth Town Crier Roger Bourgoin and Exmouth Councilor Tim Dumper, among others. Flowers were given to them by the children.

Event organizer Alamgir Chowdrey told the Journal: “The purpose of our meeting today is to explain the need in Exmouth for a full-time community center for prayer, Islamic studies for children and community gatherings, Eid and Muslim cultural festivals.

“It would also be a place where people could come for help and advice if they had any problems.

muslim exmouth

Left to right: East Devon MP Simon Jupp, Exmouth Councilor Roger Dumper, Exmouth Mayor Steve Gazzard and Exmouth Town Crier Roger Bourgein.
– Credit: Adam Manning.

“With us today are people from Afghanistan, Syria, Bosnia, Kurdistan, India and Bangladesh.

“The whole Muslim community in the region would benefit from having a meeting place, not just for Friday prayers. But as a social center. Our intention is to involve the non-Muslim community to create understanding and integration .”

Simon Jupp, MP, told the group: “Thank you for having me today, it has been an eye opener. I will do my best to speak to colleagues from East Devon District Council and Council of the county of Devon, who own the buildings to see what can be done to get you that space in Exmouth.”

The nearest mosque for any Muslim in East Devon, whether Exmouth, Sidmouth, Budleigh or Honiton, is the New North Road Mosque in Exeter, but as the community in Exmouth and surrounding areas grows , they are now using a local community center to be built.

The Islamic Center is only open for Jumma Prayer on Friday afternoons at Exmouth Rugby Club.

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