The murders in New Mexico open new wounds in London, Ontario. Muslim community

A series of killings in Albuquerque, New Mexico has enraged this community as four Muslim men were targeted and ambushed in separate attacks over several months.

“Certainly, it is worrying, because we have already had this experience. And that there is still no sense of closure,” says Abd Al Fatah Twakkal, a member of the London Council of Imams.

Albuquerque police made an arrest Tuesday, and while the motive is still unclear, police believe the victims were targeted because of their race and religion.

The wounds are still very fresh for London’s Muslim community which lost three generations of the Afzaal family in June 2021 in what police claim was a targeted attack.

“It’s a statistically insignificant number of people who would go to that extreme, but one person is enough to be able to wreak havoc on an entire community,” says Twakkal.

Like the Muslim community in Quebec City which suffered a horrific attack in 2017, Twakkal says they will not back down from such hatred.

“For those who hate, if it is the goal for them to make us hide, or not to show us visibly Muslims. I mean, it’s part of our identity,” adds Twakkal.

New Mexico police found a vehicle they had asked for the public’s help in locating and arrested the driver. They now say they are treating him as their prime suspect.

– With files from CTV News and The Associated Press

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