The council will work with Sonney to change the rear parking lot

WATERFORD – Waterford Borough Council is ready to change gears and exit the reverse angle parking lot.

Almost a month after council rejected a proposal that would have eliminated corner parking in the downtown core, council approved a motion to go ahead with the changes.

Previous action:Waterford Borough Council votes against changing its downtown rear parking lot

Waterford’s reverse angle parking lot is located along Route 19 which runs through the downtown core in the community of 1,500 people.

In a meeting on Tuesday, City Councilor Judy Cline moved a motion to change the reverse angle parking lot to a stop parking lot pending approval. The vote was 3-3 among council members, with Mayor Chad French breaking the tie and voting in favor of the motion. Councilor Holly Noble was absent from the meeting.

Once the motion is approved, council seeks assistance from State Representative Curt Sonney, Township of Harborcreek, R-4th Dist.

“We’re trying to work with him by trying to work with the legislator, see if there’s something they can do or work with PennDOT and see if we can change it,” Cline said in a statement. interview.

Cline said she has been approached by many borough residents who have disapproved of rear parking since its implementation in 2017. For her, it is the first step in fixing the economic life of the city center. of Waterford.

“I am doing this both for ease of use and the economic impact on the stores, which I don’t even know will ever be able to be recovered or not,” she said.

Economic fall:Waterford’s rear parking lot has hurt business, community members say

Tim LaFlamme, who stepped down as board chair on Tuesday, said board approval of the motion is the final step in the process.

“The Council has already approved it, so as soon as the state approves it, hopefully we change it, then we’re done,” he said.

Job change

LaFlamme, who voted against the change of parking lot at the September 14 meeting, had concerns about safety and liability issues, as well as the cost to the borough of changing the parking lot to a parking lot. This time he voted in favor of the motion.

“I am always for safety first and you have to limit the exposure to liability,” he said. “The board didn’t want to go into another lawsuit where we don’t end up winning and spend $ 20,000 to $ 30,000.”

But by engaging with Sonney, LaFlamme hopes he can help secure funding for a traffic study specific to the borough’s situation without spending thousands of taxpayer dollars.

“We are looking for the safest traffic and parking patterns possible for our pedestrians as well as our vehicles and we don’t want to fight with the state,” LaFlamme said. “We want to see if (Sonney) can partner with us to fund a traffic study specifically designed for our region, because the studies carried out by the state are a cookie-cutter plan.

“There are exceptions to the rules and if we can show that our city is an exception through a safety study, then great,” said LaFlamme.

LaFlamme’s resignation as chairman of the board stems from the achievement of his “personal goals”. He will continue to exercise the functions of municipal councilor.

“I achieved my personal goals of wanting to be on the board,” he said. “He’s in a better financial situation, but more importantly I have a medical condition that I need to take care of.”

LaFlamme was involved in a zoning violation case against the council for a storage container that could have cost him at least $ 5,400 in fines. The case was settled and LaFlamme did not have to pay a fine for violating a borough zoning ordinance. The borough’s legal costs in this case amounted to $ 19,182.75, according to the borough’s files.

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Council appointed Councilor Noble as chair, pending her acceptance.

“The board feels reasonably confident that she has the ability to lead the board,” said LaFlamme.

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