The coronavirus is a chance for solidarity, not a “punishment”

The Great Mosque of Paris is closed. All French mosques are asked to close. The Muslim Brotherhood opposes it. Seen as a “punishment” against unbelievers, the epidemic is now a “test” to purify Muslims. Solidarity develops regardless of race, religion and nationality. This is an opportunity to pray for all humanity. The president of the French Council of Imams speaks.

Parigi (AsiaNews) – French Muslims are living through the coronavirus crisis in fear, fearing the loss of family members. Mosques and other places of worship have closed.

In France, the Great Great Mosque of Paris and its new rector, Chems Eddine Hafiz, did not wait to set an example for the 4,000 other mosques and places of worship in France. He took the initiative and had the courage to call on all Muslims in France to pray at home to prevent the spread of the virus, citing Quranic verses and prophetic hadiths in his press release. In the latter, he calls on Muslims to be careful and show solidarity with their fellow citizens to fight against this virus which threatens the lives of all citizens.

As verse 195, sura 2 says, “do not throw away [yourselves] with your [own] hands in destruction”.

Critics of the Muslim Brotherhood

Some imams close to the Muslim Brotherhood criticized the rector’s decision to cancel prayers and close mosques because the virus had not yet spread widely. Events have proven the correctness of the rector’s decision to listen to President Emmanuel Macron from the start of the crisis.

Most imams see this virus as a divine test for all humanity, including Muslims, to return to the path of righteousness.

In Islam, where ablutions are compulsory for the five daily prayers, cleanliness must already be present in private homes and mosques.

Imams and mosque officials recommend washing and changing prayer mats, leaving mosque doors open so you don’t touch the button, asking worshipers to bring their own mats to minimize the risk of this contagious virus .

“Punishment” against the disbelievers

Despite this, several mosques need more cleaning and respect for the rules, especially since some believers believe that the virus was just a lie invented by capitalists to sell off their stocks.

Some Muslim extremists have also gotten in on the act. When the virus hit China, they kept telling Muslims that the coronavirus is only a punishment against disbelieving Chinese people who break the law. When Saudi Crown Prince Mohamed bin Salman decided to close Mecca and Medina to Muslim pilgrims, these extremists saw the virus as a way to purify Muslims and remind them of their religion.


Once again, several imams known for their humane attitudes took the opportunity to advocate humanity and solidarity between States and peoples in order to defeat this dangerous virus.

Some Muslim businessmen, such as the Franco-Syrian Mohamed Izzet Khettab, have donated millions of euros to help the victims of this unprecedented epidemic. Several restaurants in Marseille, Paris and Lyon feed the needy for free.

Saudi Ambassador Saad al-Nefaie has intensified his actions to answer questions from French Muslims registered for the ʿOumra and Hajj. At the start of the crisis, the Saudi government asked its embassy in Paris to set up a crisis unit so as not to endanger the lives of pilgrims. The crown prince personally follows the file on a daily basis from the Saudi capital, especially since the Muslim community in France sends the largest contingent of pilgrims to Mecca each year.

We have dedicated a special daily prayer against coronavirus for the whole human family without any regard for racial or religious differences. We pray and think of each victim and each family affected by this serious pandemic. In doing so, we totally reject the arguments of some mentally ill people who believe that dead Muslims are martyrs who will go to heaven and other victims will go to hell.

Muslims, citizens of Europe

While such actions have not pleased the extremists, the dangerousness of the virus as well as the closures of mosques have nevertheless offered them a platform to criticize and threaten those who advocate a humane and tolerant Islam, especially in this very difficult time. difficult for humanity.

Like their fellow citizens, the Muslims of France respect government directives in the hope of seeing the total eradication of this invisible enemy who causes us so much harm but who also brings us closer in the face of death and illness.

In several Arab countries, some people refused the return of European Muslims to their countries of origin, believing that they posed a serious health hazard while European countries treated them as full citizens.

Once again, the coronavirus crisis shows European Muslims that their country of origin is no longer their natural home since they are considered a mobile danger there more than anything else.

A famous imam in France has issued a fatwa (religious opinion) which prohibits European Muslims from fleeing Europe because of the coronavirus. Rather, he tells them to show solidarity with their fellow European citizens, to live together or die together. He is absolutely right !

In France, the coronavirus has been able to erase all racial, nationalist and religious differences. Extremists can join the coronavirus if they want. They have no place in this crisis because we are living in an era of exceptional solidarity, one that kills all viruses, including that of religious and racial hatred that we must all combat without mercy.

* President of the Council of Imams of France (Council of Imams of France)

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