Singer SZA reveals she was scared to wear her hijab after 9/11


Grammy-nominated singer SZA said she quit wearing her hijab after September 11 for fear of being the target of Islamophobia.

the All stars The singer, 30, spoke of her experience growing up in a Muslim household in a predominantly white area of ​​New Jersey.

During a live Q&A session on TikTok with the online platform Muslim girl, SZA, real name Solana Rowe, said: “On a direct scale, someone threw a brick in my father’s mosque. And it was very strange.

She also revealed that she stopped covering her hair in 2001 following the terrorist attacks in America on September 11 of the same year.

“I stopped covering after September 11 because I was so scared. It was like elementary school, college. I regret so much – like being afraid or caring about what people say about me, ”she said.

SZA opted to cover her hair again during her performances in Malaysia and Indonesia years later, and said she liked knowing she wouldn’t be on trial for doing so.

“It was really heartwarming to be able to cover these shows,” she said.

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She added that she thinks about covering her hair again “all the time”, and is shocked by the misinformation and Islamophobia that still surrounds the Muslim faith, leading some to “randomly decide that I am oppressed because I cover my hair. I am not oppressed.

“I started covering again in high school, then they were like, ‘What is this? You are not living your life properly. You are not really a Muslim. Shut your mouth.’ », She revealed. “I always let someone dictate how I was.”

His first album of 2017 Ctrl explored the experiences of many young women of color and faith, and earned her a Grammy nomination for Best Contemporary Album. It also affected his relationship with faith.

“Sometimes I feel like I’m super flawed and I can’t have any value in spirituality,” she told TikTok Live. “But I realized that everyone is traveling with God, Source, Spirit, Allah, whatever you want to call it, it’s very personal, it’s very direct and it’s .. … just super individualized.

“So I’m just trying to release the guilt and let all the natural energy flow through my mind, and embrace all the thoughts, all the feelings.”


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