‘Sadness and shock’: Muslim community in Windsor mourns victims of fatal vehicle attack

Windsor, Ont. –

The Muslim community of Windsor mourns the four victims who were killed in a vehicle attack in London, Ontario.

“The Muslim community of Windsor received with great sadness and shock the news of the deadly targeting of a Muslim family that left four innocent people dead and a fifth seriously injured in London, Ontario,” a statement from the Islamic Council of Windsor.

The WIC said “the apparent hate crime must be fully investigated by law so that justice can be served.”

As tragic as the circumstances are, Windsor’s Sarah Mushtaq is not surprised by the hateful attack.

“Every time one of these attacks happens, we think it could have been us,” Mushtaq says.

Mushtaq says he feels the Muslim community is re-traumatized every time an Islamophobic attack takes place.

“It takes a while to get over that and get to a point where you feel safe again.” Mushtaq adds, “then the moment we feel safe again, it looks like something like this is happening again.”

Mushtaq told CTV News that there is hope that this tragedy will be a wake-up call for leaders and authorities to take action and want to see tangible actions instead of just offering thoughts and suggestions. condolences.

“I hate to be a little flippant about this, but it’s not rocket science, is it?” It’s very clear what defenders have been saying for years about what needs to be done. Mushtaq explains, “We need community members to step in here. Thoughts, prayers and solidarity are not enough. We need action.

Imam Mohamed of the Windsor Mosque told CTV News he was still in shock.

“It’s not just an attack on a family, it’s an attack on humanity. An attack on Canadian principles,” he said.

Mohamed says there is no place safe from violence or discrimination, but it is up to us as Canadians to reduce anger and eliminate hatred.

“Each of us should think of what happened as if it happened to ourselves and it could happen to me and my family,” he says.

Mohamed says anyone in need can contact Windsor Mosque for help.

Windsor Mayor Drew Dilkens said he had contacted the Mayor of London and expressed his condolences on Windsor’s behalf.

“It’s just tragic and it certainly underscores that there is still hatred in the community and that each of us should strive to be respectful of our neighbors,” Dilkens told CTV News. “Learn to understand different religions and cultures and develop the respect and appreciation that this is what really helps us make us better and stronger as Canadians.

Chatham-Kent plans to lower all flags at civic locations during a vigil on Wednesday evening to commemorate the lives lost.

“We stand in solidarity with the Muslim community,” Mayor Darrin Canniff said. “Hate and violence have no place in our country. No one should be alienated and live in fear because of the color of their skin, the way they dress, or their religion.

Four family members, including a grandmother, mother, father and a teenage girl, died as a result of the attack. A fifth victim, a nine-year-old boy, survived but is hospitalized recovering from serious injuries.

London police said the 20-year-old driver of the van got onto the curb and intentionally hit the family.

London Police are investigating the crash which killed four pedestrians and injured a child on Monday June 7, 2021. (Jim Knight/CTV London)

The suspect was arrested a few steps from the Muslim mosque in London.

The WIC calls on authorities, politicians and society to stand firmly against all forms of hatred and discrimination.

With files from CTV London’s Justin Zadorsky.

If you need mental health help following the London, Ont. vehicle attack, support and resources are available here.

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