Ruggiero hopes to ask questions, doing his ‘homework’ will help him retain his seat on the board | Jefferson County

WATERTOWN – City Councilor Lisa A. Ruggiero says she isn’t afraid to ask lots of questions to find out about the city’s issues.

She needs this information to make a decision on how to vote on issues and to inform residents of what is going on in municipal government.

“I’m not a yes person,” she said, adding that she was doing her “homework” before making a decision.

Sometimes these questions led to heated discussions, she said. In one instance, she asked a question during a debate last winter about plans to permanently take the fire department’s heavy rescue truck off the road.

But Mayor Jeffrey M. Smith slammed his hammer and told him she was down.

“I think people like me ask questions,” she said.

She is the only holder to stand for the council this election. The city needs to keep her on the board as she would be the most experienced board member, she said.

During her four-year tenure, Councilor Ruggiero said she was satisfied with what she was able to accomplish on Council.

She supported a rewrite of the zoning and the city established comprehensive and strategic plans for the future of the city.

While there was some opposition to its $ 3 million cost, she is proud to support the reopening of the Thompson Park Pool, which has become popular with city residents. It supports the repair of two other municipal swimming pools.

Her other kept campaign promises include re-establishing the city’s Neighborhood Watch Group after years of inactivity and improving several of the city’s playgrounds, she said.

Recently, she saw the need for a master plan for Thompson Park and got city council approval for the proposal.

She opposes a single-stream recycling project because of its cost. The councilor wants the city to find a company to create a solar project on the old city’s landfill. This would generate income for the city, she said.

She will fight to keep the fire department responding to medical calls, stressing that the fire department can respond to a call within three minutes. This is a question that board members will likely have to address in the future.

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