RCA: Muslim community in Gomoko village dedicates Ramadan to Fulani family fleeing violence

It is 7:00 a.m. local time in the village of Gomoko, a locality in the Central African Republic’s plateau region. Sylvain Ndoukoussou, the Chef of Gomoko sets up for a special day. Two major celebrations are planned for Thursday, May 13, a feast of the ascension for the Christian community, and the end of the holy month of Ramadan for their Muslim neighbors.

But there is a twist. The whole community dedicated Ramadan to honoring a Fulani family. They have remained in the village for months after fleeing violence from armed groups.

“For the past few days, we have been preparing with our Muslim brothers their feast of Ramadan. It’s a great day. noted.

A bowl of boiled rice is prepared for the community feast. They gather around the meal and take turns dipping their hands to eat. It is a very simple meal. But there is laughter and joy.

“We thank the village of Gomoko who helped us a lot. We have suffered a lot but since our arrival here we find something to eat, and we have celebrated Ramadan. Thank you to the head of GOMOKO who helped us with the whole community, we find serenity, but we want things to get back to normal, ”said Ahmadou, a Fulani displaced person in Gomoko.

The Funali tribe fled the town of Baoro, located some 450 km from the capital Bangui in the west of the Central African Republic. They made the trip with their cattle at a price.

Correspondent Samuel Thierry Nzam reports that: “The celebration of Ramadan went well here between the two communities, the Christian community and the Muslim community. But I’m going to talk about the Fulani ethnic group. There is a problem, the nearest school is five kilometers away, the health center is 45 km away and we are 50 km from Bangui. The population is appealing to the authorities for urgent help. ”

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