Planning applications submitted to Wiltshire Council for Salisbury

Development applications to Wiltshire Council (South) received during the week ending February 27:

PL/2022/01341 – Application for head of household. Crossfields, Rectory Road, SP5 3AD. Demolish the existing conservatory and build a contemporary two-story kitchen and bedroom extension.


PL/2022/01241 – Work in a listed building. St. John the Baptist Church, Tidworth Road, SP4 0DB. Replace the porch doors with new oak doors with Gothic carvings to complement the Gothic Revival architecture and interior decor.

Berwick Saint John

PL/2022/01372 – Full building permit. The Larches, Water Street, SP7 0HS. Construction of an individual annex on one level.

Donhead Sainte-Marie

PL/2022/01294 – Application for head of household. 40 Coronation Drive, SP7 9NA. Single-story rear extension and two-story side extension with front porch extension.


PL/2022/01331 – Complete building permit. The Old Pigsty Building, Trafalgar Gardens, Standlynch, SP5 3QQ. Demolition of the old pigsty and its replacement by 2 no. seasonal rentals with parking, local amenities, landscaping and related work.

PL/2022/00455 – Work in a listed building and PL/2022/00436 – Application for head of household. 92 Borough, SP5 3LY. Construction of a wooden summer house.


PL/2022/01329 – Complete building permit. Land at the end of the Ham, SP4 8HW. Offered purpose-built breeding kennels.


PL/2022/01393 – Application for head of household. Wyedean, Partridge Hill, SP5 2BB. Side extension and roof modifications to provide a family kitchen and utility room with 1 additional bedroom in the roof above. Front porch and elevation changes including new siding materials.


PL/2022/01282 – Application for head of household. Maple Cottage, Homington Road, SP5 4JA. Rear extension of the first floor and internal modifications.


PL/2022/01352 – Removal or modification of a condition. Sarum Academy, Westwood Road, Bemerton Heath, SP2 9HS. Amended condition 1 of 19/03821/FUL to extend the removal time for approved buildings to the end of 2024.

PL/2022/01323 – Application for head of household. 100 Wyndham Road, SP1 3AQ. Skylight extension front and rear.

PL/2022/01309 – Application for head of household. 30 Kings Road, SP1 3AD. Transformation of an existing outbuilding into a new office/garden room.

PL/2022/01267 – Complete building permit. Salisbury Cathedral School, 1 Bishops Walk, The Close, SP1 2EQ. Removal of three bay windows and opening modifications; Insertion of three exterior French doors; Erect a 3m x 18m open covered area under a single pitch canopy over a hard finished play area (new submission PL/2021/10117).

PL/2022/01253 – Application for head of household. Parsonage Farm House, Stratford Road, Stratford Sub-Castle, SP1 3LH. Proposed new English mixed hedge at southwestern boundary along main road.

PL/2022/01170 – Application for head of household. 1 Devonshire Road, Salisbury, SP1 3NN. Proposal for expansion and modifications to the rear of a floor.

PL/2022/01011 – Application for head of household. 29 Bishopdown Road, SP1 3DS. Dormer window and dormer windows proposed to provide habitable accommodation on the first floor.

Tony Stratford

PL/2022/01324 – Application for head of household. Cawden Cottage, The Old Wilton Way, SP5 4AT. First floor dormer extensions and gable hip extensions with partially raised ridgeline, widening access and driveway modifications.


PL/2022/01293 – Full building permit. Grain Cottage, 27 grain lane, SP3 6RX. Replacement of existing housing and change of use of agricultural land to domestic curtilage.

PL/2022/00855 – Complete building permit. Tisbury Sports Centre, Weaveland Road, SP3 6HJ. Demolition of the former sports center (class E(d)) with redevelopment into 13 no. dwellings (class C3) and ancillary works.

Tollard Royal

PL/2022/01279 – Application for head of household. Anston Cottage, Tollard Royal Village, SP5 5PS. The proposed works involve the removal of an existing porch at the east end of the property, a new, slightly larger one storey extension will be constructed at the east end of the property. The ground level around the property will be reduced and a retaining wall will be introduced to support the garden behind the property. A new wooden gate providing access to the garden from the highway will be installed in place of an existing wooden fence.

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