Objection of the Federal Council – Bursett defends itself against mobile phone antennas

A building permit for a mobile phone antenna was withdrawn in the municipality of Belfox (fr), which opposed local residents including Federal Councilor Alain Berset.

In 2018, Alain Burset and three of his family members living in Belfox, as citizens of the town, opposed the construction of a 4G antenna by the mobile telephone operator Swisscom like the daily “La Liberté”. “Blick” reported Wednesday. It could then be converted into a 5G antenna without any public approval.

The Minister of Health made a controversial argument

The letter, signed by Burset, states among other things: “Technologically generated electromagnetic waves, especially those emanating from cell phone technology, have a detrimental effect on humans and animals.” It is surprising that the Minister of Health specifically expressed concern about the potential harmful effects of radiation. After all, according to the Federal Office of Public Health (FOPH), the maximum values ​​applicable in Switzerland are hassle-free.

A single success stuns anti-5G circles

The success of the process surprised opponents of 5G antennas. “We have already filed objections with over 600 signers, gone all the way to federal court and failed. But now I see with the antenna that a single objection is enough and the project will be rejected, ”explained Chantal Blanc, president of the Stop 5G Glen association, on French-speaking television RTS.

Stunned by the process, the Friborg 5G rival contacted the authorities and obtained and published a letter of complaint from the Burset family through the cantonal law on public information. However, Blank insists his action was in no way intended to put Ellen Bursett in the spotlight. However, suspicions of uneven behavior are emerging.

Bersett fights back

The health minister himself has now also reported on the matter, after Burset’s press spokesman first commented on the matter. Compliance with legal radiation standards is of utmost importance.

In Bayfox’s case, however, the reason for his objection was not health issues, but the preservation of monuments. Burset said so in an interview with “Time” published Friday evening. Moreover, he has no more weight than other citizens.

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