Muslim woman targeted in France because of her hijab

A Muslim woman of African descent has documented the moment she was the victim of a racist attack by an administrator of a special center for the elderly in France because of her hijab.

According to a video clip posted by a woman named Namita on her social media accounts, the Frenchwoman described her as “dirty” and threatened to kill her if she touched her, and also demanded that she remove her veil because it violates the secularism of the place. foundations.

The video clip featured a heated debate between the Muslim woman of Ivorian origin and the French administration on secularism, as the latter said: “Secular France means that it does not recognize all religions, which means that the veil and other religious symbols are not permitted. in public places.”

Namita replied that she, as a young Muslim girl, is representative of French men and women who are victims of the rhetoric promoted by the right.

However, the French administrator called the police and asked them to come to force her to remove the veil.

She asked the older people in the room to move and reject Namita’s veil, but one of the older men told her that he had no problem dealing with a Muslim woman who wears the hijab, reminding him that the case does not affect the secular face. of France.

Islam is the second religion of the French Republic and unofficial estimates indicate that the number of the Muslim minority there exceeds 5.5 million citizens, constituting more than 8% of the total population.

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