Muslim community members agree on need to control population growth, says CM

Intellectuals from the indigenous Muslim community of Assam agreed on the need for population control in parts of the state, Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma said Sunday, according to India Today.

Sarma held a meeting with 150 intellectuals and academics to discuss his government’s policy two-child policy and the development of minority communities, according to NDTV.

“We discussed various issues facing members of the Assamese minority,” Sarma said after the meeting, according to PTI. “All participants in the meeting agreed that a population explosion in parts of Assam posed a threat to the development of the state.”

The Chief Minister added: “If Assam is to become one of India’s top five states, then we have to manage our population explosion. It was accepted by all.

Sarma announced that eight subgroups with representatives of the indigenous Muslim community will be formed to discuss health, education, skills development, cultural identity, financial inclusion and empowerment. women.

The chief minister of Assam said the groups would make recommendations on the issues assigned to them within three months. “After that, [the] government]will prepare a roadmap for the empowerment of the indigenous Muslim community and implement it over the next five years, ”he added.

Sarma said indigenous Muslims were an integral part of Assam society. “This [the Muslim population] needs accelerated development so that the community becomes an important contributor in the state’s growth narrative (while) keeping its cultural identity intact, ”Sarma’s office said, according to PTI.

Last month the Government of Assam had proposed a two-child policy to benefit from the benefits of certain public social assistance schemes, Indian express reported.

“There are some programs where we cannot enforce the two-child standard, like free admission to schools and colleges, or for homes under the Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana; everyone will have it, “he said, according to the newspaper.” But, in the case of some programs, let’s say if a program like that of Chief Minister Awas Yojana is launched in the future for the middle class, then the two-child standard will be applied. “

Sarma added that the two-child policy was the only way to end illiteracy and poverty among Muslims in Assam, according to NDTV.

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