Muslim community facing government repression ahead of French elections

TEHRAN (IQNA) – France’s Muslim community, the largest in Europe, is more than ever the scapegoat and the target of the French government’s repression.

It comes as the French presidential election is only four months away.

Nearly 100 mosques have recently been raided by the government, with at least two dozen closed so far. Earlier this year, a so-called ‘anti-separatist law’ was accused of essentially legalizing Islamophobia, as it tried to ban minors from wearing the hijab and forced the closure of not only mosques but Muslim NGOs as well. highly respected, such as the Collective against the French. Islamophobia.

The latest attack on the religious freedom of French Muslims has come under heavy criticism from foreign leaders and leading NGOs.

The dominant theme of the entire French presidential election has shifted to the far right, as condemned racist Eric Zemmour provided coronavirus-era France with almost nocturnal Islamophobic rants. Zemmour climbed to third place in the polls, giving Macron and other candidates the right to blame Muslims for France’s economic and political problems.

Zemmour resembles Donald Trump of the United States in that the two thrive on outrage, but there are significant differences: Zemmour’s career was aimed at being a part of the political scene and the conversation, and he benefited from the support from most elements of the French establishment all the time.

Since the onset of the Great Recession, the French political and media elite have stigmatized Muslims to a degree that has emptied the nation’s claim to be a world leader in freedom of religion, thought and expression.

The three most popular presidential candidates all appear to be trying to outdo themselves when it comes to Islamophobia, which has made Muslims in France expect state-sponsored racism to be even worse over the past four years. next months.

Source: Press TV

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