Mayor of Bolingbrook hosts Iftar dinner in honor of Muslim community

Muslims around the world, including Chicago and other major cities in the United States, recently observed Ramadan, one of their biggest religious months.

This year’s Ramadan began on Monday April 12 and ended on the evening of Tuesday May 11.

The Mayor of Bolingbrook, Mary Alexander-Basta, organized a special program of Iftar dinners in honor of the Muslim community to promote and strengthen harmony between the different communities.

Former mayor Roger C. Claar started the tradition decades ago. Dinner for nearly 75 people took place at Bolingbrook Golf Club on May 6th.

The mayor thanked everyone present for participating in this event to strengthen peace and harmony, tolerance and respect and equality between all sections of civil society. Various Iftar and dinner formulas have been prepared to the delight of the participants.

There were representatives of public organizations, members of the Bolingbrook village council, as well as people of all faiths. Due to the pandemic, attendance was limited.

Notable attendees included Atlas Chaudhry, Aziz Vayani, Rana Zaman Saeed, Akhtar Masood Chik Syed, Nawaz Iqbal, Rizwan Asghar, Dr Muhammad Nadeem Longi, Hamid Bhatti, Asif Syed and Pakistani News Bureau Chief Rana Javed, and many others.

Bolingbrook Police and Fire Chiefs, along with other officials, attended the Iftar dinner and expressed solidarity with the Muslim and Pakistani community and expressed their best wishes for Ramadan. Talat Rashid, a Bolingbrook Police Commissioner who is very active in the community, thanked everyone for attending the dinner.

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