LAUTECH Hijab Saga: Professor Lawal Finally Apologizes For Muslim Community Interference

Oyo State, Ibadan– The controversy over the removal of the veil of a Muslim nursing student at Ladoke Akintola University of Technology (LAUTECH), Ogbomoso, Oyo State, Nigeria has been resolved.’s Regional reporter in Ibadan, Ridwan Kolawole, reports that the Dean of the Faculty of Nursing at the institution, Prof. Ajibade Lawal has apologized to both the student and the Muslim Ummah at large.

The Oyo State Muslim Community set up a panel to investigate the matter and organized the successful peace meeting of the parties involved where the matter was resolved.

From left to right, Oyo State Muslim Community Chairman Prof. Ajibade Lawal. Photo credit: Nurses Affair
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Guided by the verse of the Qur’an, “Those who spend (benevolently) both in ease and in narrowness, and those who restrain (their) anger and forgive men; and Allah loves those who do good (to others)”,

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The Panel Report

In a statement signed by panel chairman, Alhajj Kunle Danni and secretary, Alhaj Mursiku Siyanbade, stakeholders in the case including the harassed student’s husband, surveyor team Prince Badmus Yinusa, were invited to the meeting held on Monday 22 November. 2021.

It has been understood that the Dean, Professor Ajibade Lawal could not control his emotions after being made to realize the gravity of what he did.

Professor Lawal’s apology

“Professor Ajibade Bayo Lawal was reprimanded for denigrating Islam. He (Professor Ajibade Bayo Lawal), realizing his mistake, showed deep emotions, wept bitterly to show remorse and OFFER PROFUSED APOLOGY to the sister and to the entire Muslim Ummah;

The panel report also states that the Dean (Professor Bayo Lawal) also begged surveyor Badmus Yinusa, the sister’s husband, who had earlier promised to withdraw his wife from the nursing program, not to leave his wife withdraw from the program.

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“The sister’s husband, Surveyor Prince Badmus Yinusa, took the floor to accept the apology and called on the entire Muslim Ummah to also accept the apology in the spirit of the previously quoted exhortations from the Quran and hadith. In fact, he couldn’t help but let his tears flow, because of his love and fear of Allah”

The husband also agreed to withdraw the petition written earlier by Sister Shukurat Ayanbisi Jamiu’s lawyers.

The position of the Muslim community

The Muslim community has therefore asked LAUTECH management not to allow the sister in question and others like her to be subjected to adverse religious profiling now or in the future.

The Muslim community has also appealed to LAUTECH management to give effect to the University’s handbook, which allows students to wear hijab and niqab (face veil), without any further hindrance while warning against abuse and the harassment of male students who have beards.

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The Community also specifies that:

“We hereby express our gratitude to all Muslim groups, organizations and various interest groups who have expressed their concern about this and urge them all to accept these resolutions that we have reached, in the interest of peace and of the Muslim Brotherhood. May Allah (swt) reward our individual and collective efforts for the cause of Islam”

The Muslim community also warns all establishments and institutions to permanently halt all anti-Islamic and anti-Muslim policies and actions, in the interests of peace in Oyo State.

Oyo Muslims set for legal battle over Hijab controversy

Meanwhile, previously reported that the Muslim community in Oyo State had threatened to take legal action against schools that prevent voluntary Muslims from adorning the hijab.’s Regional Reporter in Ibadan, Ridwan Kolawole, reports that while speaking on behalf of the community in Ibadan at a unity summit, the President, Alhajj Kunle Sanni, described it as unwarranted deprivation of Muslim schoolgirls from the wearing the hijab.

The Summit attracted representatives from different parts of Oyo State who came to deliberate on the unity of the Ummah in the state.


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