Latest list of planning requests from Winchester City Council

21/02769 / HOU, Mr. and Mrs. Pennick, two-story side extension, 28 Churchill Ave.

Wild boar hunting

21/02775 / HOU, Mr Rance, change of use of existing playroom in annex for elderly parent with extension downstairs to provide bedroom, The Dog Watch, Southwick Road.

02/02841 / FUL, Graham Marks, shed to replace existing shelter, Willow Cottage Well Road.

Compton and Shawford

02/21 / FUL, John O’Neill, Changes to Request 20/02862 / FUL for Floor Plans, Elevations and Carport, Ty Gwyn, Shepherds Lane.

03/2199 / TPC, Dr Danny Beeton, felled holly, Little Pensbury, Compton Street.


02726 / HOU, M. Williams, retrospective – lengthening of the height of the perimeter wall from 1 m to 1.5 m and installation of barriers, Beggars Roost, Gordon Road.


02/21965 / HOU, Chris Burville, upgrading the existing front porch of the flat roof to a single-slope hipped roof, 100 Anmore Road.


21/02801 / FUL, Mr. and Mrs. Warwick, construction of the house and the garage including landscaping and associated works following the demolition of the existing building, Clarendon Lodge, Clarendon Way.

Worthy kings

21/02850 / HOU, Mr. and Mrs. Dunn, single-storey rear extension and associated facilities, 3 Les Pâturages.

Littleton and Harestock

21/02856 / FUL, M. Webb, modification of the use of superfluous boxes to form part of the accommodation (including provision of two home offices) as well as modifications to the windows; and change of use of two rooms in the second building from the stables to offices B1, Winchester Stables, Kennel Lane.

21/02900 / HOU, Mr. and Mrs. Taylor, one storey expansion and associated modifications, 42 Burley Road.

21/02913 / HOU, Mr. and Mrs. Tubb, bungalow front and rear extensions, 4 Bradley Road.

03/21 183 / TPO, Gill Longman, Cut Down Beeches, 6 Hickory Drive.


21/03217 / TPC, Andrew Brown, Cut Down Ash, Manor Farm Cottage, Sloe Lane.

03/21 / FUL, Duncan Faires, change of use from agricultural wetland to non-agricultural wetland, dig three shallow unpaved ponds connected by large open channels, stream water should be captured and diverted through a passive wetland before returning to the carrying stream of the Dever River bordering the site, landing beside Church Street.

New territories

02/02946 / HOU, Mr. and Mrs. Bailey, single storey rear extension, 60 Pakenham Road.

21/03016 / FUL, Asim Kayani, installation of knee fences and bollards along Pearmain Parade, Street Record, Pearmain Parade.

Oliver’s battery

02/21/857 / HOU, Zaka, extended house on the bedroom side, a porch on the front facade of the house and the existing flat roof of the garage converted to a pitched roof, 2 Sunnydown Road.


02/02829 / FUL, John Weight, demolition of bungalow, annex and music room and construction of two dwellings with ancillary works, Nestledown, Curdridge Lane.

02/21/858 / FUL, Andy Phipps, One-unit subdivision to create two-bedroom, two-bed, and related operations, Rosehill Villa, Winchester Road.

21/02878 / HOU, Mr. and Mrs. Cocks, construction of a detached garage, conversion of the garage into a bedroom and exterior fittings, Home port, route de l’Hôpital.


21/03057 / HOU, Adam Cordery, single storey, single site, wood cladding and garden furniture, Pippins, Chapel Road.

03/21/128 / FUL, Mike Fake, change of agricultural land use from residential to existing dwelling, Kingfisher, Church Road.

Southwick and Widley

02/21/773 / FUL, Neal Grist, elevated terrace at the southwest corner of the Lodge, Southwick Park Naval Recreation Center, Southwick Park Golf Course, Pinsley Drive.


02/02810 / FUL, Claire White French, change of use in dog walking / training, land behind Alma Inn, Alma Lane.


02/21/508 / HOU, Rob Baynes, construction of a temporary one-story timber lean-to with a concrete base at the east elevation of the property, 23 Leafy Lane.

02/02879 / HOU, Pippa Byron, one storey rear extension and first floor front extension, 17 Lovage Road.


02767 / HOU, Mr. and Mrs. Percival, renovation of a one bedroom annex with raised roof to create a two bedroom annex, The Birches, The Annex, Hundred Acres Road.

02/21952 / HOU, Dr Lisa Butler, works in housing to facilitate improved external and internal access and movement for the benefit of the disabled resident including; a two story front extension, a one story rear extension and a glazed pergola open to the existing patio and modifications to the fenestration and widening of the doors, Little Fontley, Fontley Road.

03089 / HCS, Philip Millard, revised terrain modifications to allow construction of a 10.5 MW solar photovoltaic (PV) farm and gas management system with associated works, Funtley Refuse Tip , Titchfield Lane.

03/21 174 / TPO, Rappe, arboriculture, 29 Knowle avenue.


02/02391 / AVC, Sarah Davis, 594mm x 420mm front directional sign printed and mounted on 3mm aluminum composite panel and attached to planter, Planter Advertising Hoarding, High Street.

02/02392 / AVC, Sarah Davis, 594mm x 420mm one-sided directional sign printed and mounted on a 3mm aluminum composite panel and attached to a planter outside Rick Stein / C&H Haberdashery, Land at High Street .

02/21/02683 / FUL, Jonathan Mark Miller and David Tanner, Replacement Air Condenser Installation and Related Work, Denplan Ltd, Denplan Court, Victoria Road.

21/02812 / AVC, 21/02814 / LIS, M. Laurillard, two fascia signs, a menu box, a projecting sign and two awnings, 12-13 Le Carré.

21/02855 / HOU, Pavlina Markomichali, Garden set on one level as home office / gym with terrace, 25 Teg Down Meads.

02/02863 / HOU, Alex Carter, single storey side and rear extension, Shangri La, 15 Rowlings Road, Weeke.

21/02868 / HOU, Mr. and Mrs. Burrows, one storey rear extension and insertion of a side window on the ground floor, 48 Bereweeke Avenue, Weeke.

02/21/0869 / HOU, Flo Smith and Marcus Court, 1 story rear extension, skylight modifications and internal modifications, 77 Canon Street.

02/21/894 / HOU, Peter Schweizer, one storey extension and skylights to the rear elevation roof of the existing house, 14 Fairfax Close.

02/21/903 / HOU, Michael Mclachlan, Extend Domestic and Two-Storey House at Back, 13 Fivefields Road, Highcliffe.

02/21908 / HOU, Tom Owen, replacement and expansion of the patio and installation of a patio bench; and adding a front path along the driveway using some of the slabs removed, 7 Hyldeborne Road.

02/21911 / FUL, David Morgan, 1 story rear extension, 4 St Stephens Road, Weeke.

02/21951 / HOU, Jack Gardener, Main Floor and Rear Extension, 36 Western Road, Fulflood.

03/21 / FUL, 21/03150 / LIS, M. Laurillard, request for renovation and redevelopment of Slug and Lettuce to form a new restaurant Giggling Squid, including replacement of kitchen mechanics, extraction system , 12-13 The Square.

03/21/178 / TPO, Tesco Stores Ltd, remove branches around light by pedestrian crossing, Tesco Stores Ltd, Easton Lane, Winnall.

21/03213 / TPC, John Lunt, reduce cotoneaster, Coombe Cottage, 136 St Cross Road.


03/21106 / HOU, Mr. Ferguson, demolition of an existing outbuilding and construction of a new outbuilding, Old Post Office Cottage, Wonston Road.

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