Labor councilors call on North Lincolnshire Council to clean up ‘dirty’ multi-storey car park

Scunthorpe Borough Labor Councilors are calling for the parishes multi-storey car park to be given ‘urgent attention’ by North Lincolnshire Council following the suspension of its accredited car park status.

Councilors Mashook Ali and Lorraine Yeadon are asking Council to clean up the “dirty” Fenton Street car park, which they say is full of dirt, litter, graffiti and the smell of urine. They say the condition of the car park will give a negative impression of Scunthorpe town center and ‘discourage repeat visits’.

In a joint statement, the two councilors said: ‘The multi-storey car park recently had its status as a licensed car park suspended due to the filthy condition of access areas, lifts and stairwells. We witnessed lots of dirt, litter, graffiti and a pervasive smell of urine.

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“Ominously, the graffiti included a Snapchat handle inviting ‘hot’ women and men to get in touch. We consider this must give a very negative impression of our downtown area and will discourage repeat visits. We urge North Lincolnshire Council to employ staff to help ensure the safety of those using the car park.

In response, North Lincolnshire Council leader Rob Waltham said the council was working closely with Humberside Police to punish those responsible for vandalism in the car park – and that Labor was “playing politics” on the question.

Labor advisers fear the car park will give people a negative impression of Scunthorpe

He said: “I’m surprised Labor is playing politics on an issue like this. If councilors had been active in the community they would know that despicable and disgusting individuals have been abusing the car park for some months and the council has worked closely with the police to bring these offenders to heel and, if necessary, carry out home visits with parents.

“It unfortunately left us in a permanent cycle of cleaning the parking lot. I understand the inspection was carried out over a month ago and we have since improved the CCTV and improved the cleaning regime. We are confident that when the inspection returns soon, it will be a very different environment that will be experienced.

“But we must not forget that the root cause of this constant fight in which we find ourselves is due to a small group of irresponsible individuals who seem to think that this deplorable behavior is acceptable. It’s not.

Rob Waltham, leader of North Lincolnshire Council, said he was working closely with police to resolve the issues.
Rob Waltham, leader of North Lincolnshire Council, said he was working closely with police to resolve the issues.

“We have a range of measures in place in North Lincolnshire to clamp down on anti-social behaviour, from dog soiling, littering, cycling and sometimes just bullying behavior – it can be a blight on communities, but we will eradicate it using all the force of the powers at our disposal if we need to.

“If people don’t change their behavior by acknowledging the responsibility they have to their community, we will fine the privilege until they do. The area is generally safe and welcoming to residents and people. visitors, but to ensure this is the case, all the time, we must – with the continued support of the police – make this a no-go zone for offenders.The thoughtless, immature and irresponsible behavior must stop.

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