Joplin Islamic Society Raises Funds for Sister Noel Muslim Community After Mosque Burns | KSNF / KODE

NOEL, Mo. – The Joplin Islamic Society is actively fundraising for the Muslim Christmas community. Monday morning’s Main Street fire destroyed the Christmas Mosque earlier this week.

The first concern is to help the Noel community with immediate rent and deposit needs. But the ultimate goal is to raise enough money to help build a new mosque in the Noel area.

Dr Navid Zaidi Joplin Islamic Society The board member said, “Well the Muslim community in Joplin shares the heartache and pain of the Noel community. We are sister communities, we have been together for a long time. We have worked together on different occasions, festivals or holidays. And they are close to us.

Zaidi created a donation page to raise $ 100,000 for the Muslim Christmas community. When this article was first printed, almost $ 47,000 was raised.


The cause of The African Market fire is still under investigation, but it is not believed to be intentional. The fire spread from the market to two adjoining tenants. One was the Masjid Tawhid Mosque.

The mosque opened in 2009, preceding the opening of the African market in 2010. The refugees coming to America were part of the Obama administration which transferred thousands of people to the United States. Other pockets of refugees are in Liberal, Kan .; Lexington, Neb .; and Fort Morgan, Colorado.

Google Street View, September 2016. Use two fingers to pan and zoom.

“Our thoughts and prayers are with the people who were injured… one person was inside the store. They had burns and they are in the hospital also thoughts and prayers for the firefighter. I understand that they have had spinal injuries and we pray for them and their families.

The mosque has served hundreds of Somali residents, many of whom are refugees. The city also has a number of Sudanese refugees.

Abdullahi Walli, head of the Masjid Tawhid Mosque, said: “It was very important for the Noel community, especially the Muslim community. Because we pray there, preach to the people and stop them from doing the wrong things, the wrong things. So it was very important for us that we make the holy days and the number of times the times of prayer. “


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