Hijab-wearing women to sue for beatings by French police – Middle East Monitor

Two Muslim women wearing headscarves, or hijabs, who were beaten by French police last Thursday on the Clichy bridge will file a complaint against the officers, their lawyer announced on Twitter, and Anadolu News Agency reports.

Nabil Boudi said his clients who suffered police brutality still cannot recover from the shock of the incident, but are determined to see justice done.

The complaint will be filed directly with the General Inspectorate of the National Police (IGPN) for intentional violence by public officials.

Video footage of the attack showed police beating two women wearing headscarves for minutes in the middle of the road, punching one and attempting to throw the other into the floor.

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In other video footage taken by a bystander, police continued to attack the women, despite warnings from those present at the scene that they had the power to beat them.

After the video footage went viral, many users on social media said French police were Islamophobic.

The Paris police headquarters, in a statement, said the two women prevented a police car from stopping a suspicious vehicle crossing the road.

Based on witness reports, it was stated, contrary to the French police statement, that the police had beaten the two young women, who were exercising their right of way, for Islamophobic motives, and that the statement was ” fabricated” to protect the police.

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