Hijab is not a choice but an obligation in Islam; Zaira Wasim on the hijab: The Tribune India


Former actress Zaira Wasim of Dangal fame has expressed her disappointment with the hijab line and said it is an unfair choice to be made between education and hijab which is an obligation in Islam.

The row over the hijab began last month when six students from Government PU College, Udupi, who attended class wearing the headscarf, were banned from entering the college for violating the stipulated dress code.

Wasim penned a lengthy social media note, which she posted on her Twitter and Instagram accounts, expressing her opinion on the backlash from girls and women wearing hijab in the country. “The inherited notion that the hijab is a choice is misplaced. It is often a construct of convenience or ignorance. Hijab is not a choice but an obligation in Islam.

“Similarly, a woman who wears the hijab fulfills an obligation imposed on her by the God she loves and to whom she has submitted,” said the national award-winning actress, who announced her dissociation. to act in 2019 because it interfered with his faith. and religion, written in the note. The 21-year-old said she wears the hijab with gratitude and humility, but resents those who harass and prevent women from wearing it. She said an “agenda” is being fabricated where women are asked to make a choice between hijab and education.—

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