Hijab girl winning 16 medals proves a point to anti-hijab forces

A girl with Hijab bagged 16 gold medals in studies gave a bold answer to all those who are for her “ban” in the educational establishments of the country

Raichur (Karnataka): A girl with Hijab pocketed 16 gold medals in studies has given a bold answer to all those who are for her “banning” in educational institutions in the country.

Meet Bushra Mateen, 22, a civil engineering graduate from SLN College of Engineering, Raichur, who won 16 gold medals, at the 21st annual convocation of Visvesvaraya Technological University on March 10. She got a mark of 9.47 in her studies by wearing a headscarf all her life.

Bushra Mateen won first place in 16 different categories, the highest by a single student from VTU University. The count includes the VTU gold medal for the topper as well as other prize medals.

achievement record

Bushra has created a kind of record in the history of VTU because to date the maximum number of gold medals won by a single student was 13.

At the event, Lok Sabha Chairman Om Birla delivered the convocation speech. Governor Thaawar Chand Gehlot presided over the ceremony. The Minister of Higher Education, Dr. CN Aswathanarayan was the guest of honor at the event.

Bushra had his early education at St. Mary’s Convent School, Raichur and completed his pre-university education at Pramana PU College, Raichur. She got more than 90% marks in all her exams.

Bushra Mateen’s father, Sheikh Zaheeruddin, is a government civil engineer and her mother is a graduate in arts.

Bushra’s father, who was present on the occasion, said, “Bushra was academically gifted since childhood and she worked hard for her studies. We are all very proud that she got the fruits of her labor.

Bushra’s mother advised on the need to educate girls for the development of the nation. “It is extremely important that women are educated. They should be empowered to make their own decisions. And education is the most important way to achieve that,” she said.

Objective Fury

Bushra’s future goal is to sit the UPSC civil service exam for which she has already started preparing since November 2021. “When I started the course, I wanted to work for the government. because it is the best place to work as a civilian engineer, but later I realized that I wanted to go to UPSC because it offers a bigger canvas to serve the country,” she said.

Bushra Mateen has worn the hijab since childhood and says the headscarf never got in the way of her studies. “The hijab is my choice and my fundamental and constitutional right. It never stopped me from achieving my goal and no non-Muslim ever opposed it. I have never had a problem from my school days until university because of wearing the hijab,” she said.

[Syed Ali Mujtaba is a journalist. He can be contacted at [email protected]]

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