Here’s what the Muslim Girl Army says about France’s hijab ban

In case you missed it, France kicked off 2022 by cementing its status as the global epicenter of Islamophobia by passing a new hijab ban. This time, France prohibits Muslim women from wearing the hijab in sports competitions.

We asked the Muslim Girl community to comment on France’s latest hijab ban. Needless to say, you all had strong opinions. Check out what Muslim girls are saying below.

@marelmxa said:

“It’s the most racist thing I’ve heard of.”

@leatyfw said:

“I am more and more disgusted with the French government every day.”

@nomadicarrow said:

“There is no equality, freedom or fraternity in France for Muslims.”

@amaniqureshi17 said:

“It gives off vibes that ‘Oh yeah, other people who don’t identify as Muslim can carry it.'”

@imsohot800 said:

“I’m a liberal but it’s so wrong. This goes against the individual freedom of Muslim women.

@joundrys_ said:

“Hijabs were already banned in sports/clubs, but not officially. 🤧”

@khadbh_20 says:

“It’s insane! I’m from France… Paris, to be exact. When it’s for fashion, nobody says anything. It’s crazy.”

@aiza.jamill said:

“It’s annoying because first they say ‘OMG ban hijab’ and now they use our religion for fashion.”

@jihadibnou said:

“France hates Muslims! This is a strategy to drive us out of the country!

@s.fkdr said:

“If it is accepted, I will be devastated because I will have to stop playing basketball in official competitions.”

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