Had a row with Siddaramaiah over the allocation of funds for the Muslim community: Ibrahim

Congress leader CM Ibrahim said on Saturday that he got into a run-in with opposition leader of the Legislative Assembly Siddaramaiah because the latter, when he was chief minister, failed to allocate subsidy of 6,000 crores of rupees to the Muslim community which forms about 21%. of the total population of the state.

Participating in a discussion on current developments of the state organized by the minority community here, he said that Siddaramaiah had set aside Rs 30,000 crore for planned caste and tribes and Rs 20,000 crore for other classes arrears, but had earmarked fewer subsidies for the Muslim community.

“The state has more than a million Muslims, but the facilities are not suitable for the population. Not even a single person from this community has become the chief minister of the state. It is not difficult for a community leader to become a CM if all Muslims unite Institutions like Anjuman-E-Islam should be established,” Ibrahim advised.

The leader added that “about 99% of Hindus are non-communitarian and will not hate Muslims. We should put them in confidence.”

He will meet with the Deputy Commissioner to ask him to carry out an impartial investigation into the incident that recently took place in the town of Aland. Community leaders should provide financial assistance so that young people in the community who are currently in different prisons in connection with the Aland incident are released, he urged.

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