Go ahead, watch the Council in person on Tuesday!

Yakima city council is holding the first meeting of the new year on Tuesday, in which new council members will be sworn in.

New board members to officially take office after swearing-in ceremony

The new reps, Matt Brown, Janice Deccio and Danny Herrera will participate in a swearing-in ceremony at the meeting which begins at 5:30 p.m. The council, which also includes Patricia Byers, Holly Cousens, Eliana Macias and Soneya Lund, will also elect a new mayor and deputy mayor on Tuesday.

You have the option to attend the meeting at Yakima Town Hall

The meeting will be held on Zoom due to concerns about COVID-19, but a city press release says you can attend the meeting in person. The press release says;

“For those who wish to attend the meeting in person at Yakima Town Hall, 129 N. 2nd Street, the city is required to follow the Governor’s proclamation regarding face coverings. Anyone entering the hotel from city, including those entering to attend a city council meeting, are required to wear a face cover that covers their nose and mouth at all times.Masks will be available in the city hall alcove.
The council is expected to hold a discussion on whether to continue on Zoom or hold future meetings live at Yakima Town Hall.

You can also call to the meeting and listen

Another option is to call and listen to the meeting:

Dial 1-253-215-8782 or 1-971-247-1195
When prompted for the meeting ID, enter 995 1589 3271 #
When prompted to enter the participant ID, enter #
When prompted for the meeting password, enter 557452 #

The January 4 regular meeting of the Yakima City Council will be broadcast live at 5:30 p.m. on Y-PAC, Charter Spectrum Channel 194, and will be broadcast live at https://www.yakimawa.gov/council/live-stream/

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