Ghazi Faqir, spiritual leader of the Muslim community of Jaisalmer, Barmer dies; Rajasthan CM pays homage

Ghazi Faqir was the leader of the Hur community whose leader is called Pir Pagaro and is based in Sindh province in Pakistan.

The Hurs are the main tribe living in the province of Sindh and they lived as subjects of the Hindu ruler of Adarkot, a Hindu kingdom which was later named Umarkot. The Hurs are a courageous and warlike community and have given the British a hard time. They had rebelled during World War II against British rule.

During British rule, Pir Pagaro declared himself “Hur” (free from British slavery). The British attempted to crush the uprising and this sparked armed resistance from Hurs. Ultimately, the British passed the infamous “Hur Act” where the entire Hur community was declared criminal and ordered to be shot on sight.

It cannot be said that the Hurs were defeated as they continued their struggle even after the hanging of Sayyed Sibghatullah Shah the Pir Sahib, their leader. The British were forced by Hurs and a number of other movements to leave the “British crown jewel”. Pir Pagaro Sayyed Sibghatullah Shah was hanged on March 20, 1943.

Muslims from Jaisalmer and Barmer follow Pir Pagharo and they are said to have marriage alliances with their brethren in Sindh province. Shah Mardan Shah II is the current Pir Pagaro. and is revered by the Hur Muslims of Jaisalmer and Barmer.

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