French Muslim Council’s political appeal for Jerusalem goes against its own rules


In possible violation of a ban on political discussions in mosques, President of the French Council for Muslim Worship Mohammed Moussaoui called on his followers to take action on the Arab-Israeli conflict and recognize the importance of the al-Aqsa mosque and Jerusalem in the Muslim religion. , in a statement released Friday amid rising Israeli-Palestinian tensions.

The president of the CFCM adopted in January a charter of “republican values” for Islam in France, which he presented to French President Emmanuel Macron in order to show that “the principles of Muslim worship are completely compatible with the principles of the Republic”. The charter included a ban on all political discussion in mosques, recognizing the problem “that places of worship are used to broadcast political speeches or to import conflicts that take place in other countries of the world.”

Friday’s statement was posted on Twitter, and also said French Muslims should “organize fundraisers for humanitarian NGOs operating in the Palestinian territories,” and “launch a major sponsorship campaign among mosques in France. and Palestinian mosques, in order to provide the latter with aid.

The Simon Wiesenthal Center warned in a press release on Sunday that the CFCM’s political prescriptions could unintentionally lead to further violence against Jews in France.

The director of international relations, Dr Shimon Samuels, argued that Moussaoui’s statement exceeded the limits of the organization.

“The CFCM seems to go beyond its religious competence by addressing political issues,” he said. “This could be, even unintentionally, interpreted by French Islamists – already heavily influenced by the Palestinian narrative supporting Hamas – to mobilize jihadist attacks against the community.”

In a letter to Home and Religious Affairs Minister Gerald Darmanin, Samuels suggested that “the CFCM statement may have negated French policy, which is to ensure that Islam in France follows the set. values ​​of the Republic … and could, even reluctantly, incite even more hatred and violence against the Jews of France. “


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