French Muslim arrested for killing Jewish roommate

A Muslim man was arrested for allegedly killing his roommate, Eyal Haddad, on August 20.

The Times of Israel (TOI) reported that the alleged attacker, Mohamed Dridi, confessed to killing Haddad, 34, because Haddad owed him 100 euros and because Haddad was Jewish. An ax to the head shattered Haddad’s skull and his body was later set on fire and buried. Dridi finally surrendered to the police. Haddad was originally from Tunisia and his family currently resides in Beersheba, Israel.

Various Jewish groups are calling on authorities to examine all possible motives for the murder, including anti-Semitism. An official of an unidentified Jewish organization told The Jerusalem Post that the murder appeared to be the result of a feud between friends rather than the result of anti-Semitism. “It has been three months since three Jews were killed in strange situations in France, so we need to understand if there is a reason behind these terrible situations,” the official said.

The Simon Wiesenthal Center tweeted: “Why is it that when a Jew is murdered in #France there is always a struggle to get all the facts from the authorities?”

Aviva Klompas, a former speechwriter at the Israeli Mission to the United Nations, tweeted that the “ensuing silence” over Haddad’s death “is an outrage”. “Where are the media? Where are the French authorities? Where is the EU? she asked. “Make your voice heard and demand action.”

Former Miss Iraq Sarah Idan has slammed French President Emmanuel Macron for failing to speak out against Haddad’s murder. “Islamists succeed when our leaders do not condemn their crimes, they are emboldened when our mainstream media turn a blind eye to their threat, they are strengthened when people are afraid to criticize their ideology for fear of being labeled Islamophobic” , she said. wrote.

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