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France gives ultimatum to French Muslim Council, World News


French President Emmanuel Macron has issued an ultimatum to the French Council for Muslim Worship. Earlier this week. Macron and the French Interior Minister met with leaders of the French Council for Muslim Worship and asked them to agree to a charter that seeks to oppose political Islam. The board has had 15 days and there are signs that the charter will be accepted.

The council has already agreed to create a national body in France that will oversee the accreditation of imams in the country.

Through the charter, France wants to underline two things

  1. Islam is a religion, not a political movement
  2. There will be no foreign interference among French Muslim communities

Feelings in France and in Muslim countries have skyrocketed since the terrorist attacks on the Prophet Muhammad cartoons that have taken place in recent months. France has been firm on its position, saying that it will protect the values ​​of the republic when there have been calls to boycott French products in Muslim countries.

On Friday, Macron even accused Turkey and Russia of promoting anti-French sentiment in Africa by funding people who stoke resentment against France through the media.

The Macron government has also prepared a bill to prevent radicalization. This was offered earlier this year. Some severe measures have been proposed. Home schooling will be limited to discourage Madrasa-style education. Severe penalties are provided for those who intimidate public officials on legal grounds. The bill also wants children to have an identification number. A number that can be used to make sure they are attending school. Parents who break this law could face up to six months in prison, as well as heavy fines.

Macron’s crackdown on radical Islam is welcomed, but he also receives its share of criticism.

Under a new security law introduced by his government, filming police will be prohibited. Anyone found in violation of the provision may be fined up to $ 53,000 and / or sent to jail for one year.

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Those who criticize the provision say it will limit freedom of expression. Journalists slam the proposal.

The French Minister of the Interior defended his government in the French Parliament.

“Journalists will be able to film, citizens will be able to film. What we do not want are calls for murder. We may have a difference on this point, but also discuss normally by reading the text without fancy”, a- he declared. .

However, his assurances appear hollow. Because when he was defending the proposal in parliament — there were demonstrations outside the French National Assembly.

A journalist covering the protest was arrested for filming the protests. According to reports, the journalist was arrested even after presenting his credentials to law enforcement.

Journalists and human rights groups took to the streets this week in Paris to voice their opposition to the security bill. They said the citizens might lose their power to control the powerful.

The local police can gain more autonomy because of the new security law. There is also talk of expanding the use of surveillance drones in high crime areas.

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