Foster Friday raises awareness in the Muslim community

Mosques across the UK will take part in the ‘Foster Friday’ campaign, with Friday prayer sermons to raise awareness and dispel misconceptions about placement in the Muslim community.

The campaign, now in its 6th year, takes place during the national Fostering Networks campaign, Foster Care Fortnight, May 9-22.

Participating mosques had the option of delivering the sermon on Friday, May 13 or Friday, May 22.

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“On the same day, during the Jummah Khutbah (Friday sermon), mosques across the country will speak about the important role host families play and the need for more host families from diverse backgrounds to come forward to fill the current gaps in the sector. who sees a lack of Muslim foster families,” the Muslim Foster Network wrote in a statement.

love and care

By sponsoring the campaign, Muslim Foster Network wants to send the message that one of the most important aspects is the ability to love and care for a child and to give him a stable home.

“We know that Muslim children are disproportionately represented in the care system and we urgently need to work to close these gaps and make foster care a more accessible option for BAME Muslim individuals who wish to be accommodated,” the statement read.

“There has been strong interest within communities who would like to foster but may have concerns they wish to address and this day provides ample opportunity for people to seek advice and guidance on next steps to make this journey possible.”

In Islam, Muslim parents are expected to treat children with respect and to nurture, love and educate them.

Islam also endorses the placement of orphaned children, allowing Muslims to have a boy or a girl and take care of them as a real father or mother would for their child while bearing in mind that the child must bear the surname of his biological parents.

However, Islam forbids adopting a child and giving him the name of his adoptive parents, while denying his real parents.

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