Final planning applications to be submitted to Newark and Sherwood District Council

The following planning applications have been submitted to the Newark and Sherwood District Council:

Bilsthorpe: Two-storey rear addition, at 24 Lansbury Road, by James Bishop.

Blessby: Single storey rear extension, at Greenways, Station Road, by Mr and Mrs Saunders.

Blessby: Two-stage side and rear extension; first floor extension above garage with garage conversion; internal alterations; replacement windows and doors; new plaster and cladding; carport and gates, at Millholme, 2 Sycamore Lane, by Mr and Mrs Chamen.

A roundup of this week’s scheduling apps… (8049009)

Carlton-on-Trent: Tree work, at The Old Forge, Main Street, by Terry Cooper.

Collingham: Tree work, ashore off Oaklands Close, by Alex Turnbull and Son.

Edwinstowe: Single storey side and front extension, at Robin Hood Farm, Rufford Road, by Mr and Mrs Cohen.

Edwinstowe: Single storey extension at the rear with sloping roof; remove the front porch, clad in its entirety, at 11 Sherwood Avenue, by Frances Dent.

Farnfield: Shaft work, at Burgess House, Main Street, by Charles Spencer.

Laxton and Moorhouse: Garage and carport, at School House, High Street, by Thomas Malloy.

Lowdham: 5G telecommunications installation: H3G main street pole, on land adjacent to Magna Charta, Southwell Road, by CK Hutchison Networks Ltd.

Lowdham: Thin Line Phase 8 Monopoly, on land adjacent to Magna Charta, by the same.

Newark: Rendering of the outer walls, at 5 Beacon Way, by RA Walker.

Newark: Legality certificate for the removal of the conservatory and its replacement with a brick extension, at 73 Grange Road, by ABR Construction.

Newark: Amendment to Condition 2 attached to Permission 21/02470/LBC to alter the staircase, at The Buttermarket, 27 Middlegate, by Newark And Sherwood District Council.

Newark: Rear extension on one level.; two-storey side and front extension, at 201 Hawton Road, by Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence.

Newark: Tree work, at 28 Northgate, by Roger Key.

Newark: Two-storey flat-roofed rear extension with skylights, at 76 Farndon, by M. and R. Spowage and Metcalf.

Newark: Shaft work, at Newark Cemetery, London Road, by A. Binks.

Ollerton: Legal planning certificate for single storey rear extension with pitched roof and skylights, at 4 Breck Bank Crescent, by Martin Christer.

Ollerton: Legal planning certificate for a single storey rear flat roof extension with roof lantern and French doors, at 34 Whinney Lane, by Sandra Challands.

Rolleston: Single storey garage extension, at The Shores, Fiskerton Road, by Jonathan Clayton.

Ruffford: Install three antennas, at Orange mast NOT0096, Blooms Gorse Farm, Deerdale Lane, Bilsthorpe, by EE Ltd.

Southwell: Two-storey front and side extensions, single-storey rear extension, at 18 Halloughton Road, by Mrs. Sharratt.

Southwell: Shaft works, at Westhorp, by Geoffry Slinger.

Southwell: Certificate of legality for single-storey rear extension, at 2 The Riddings, by Mr and Mrs Hogg.

Southwell: Raised first floor eaves with new roof structure and internal alterations, at Middle Corkhill Farm, Corkhill Lane, Kirklington, by Mrs Shepherd.

Sutton-on-Trent: Conversion of double garage to living room and new double garage extension, at Malt Kiln Cottage, 9 Station Road, by Stuart Favill.

Sutton-on-Trent: Tree work, at 3 Middle Holme Lane, by Stuart Favill.

Walesby: Rear extension on one level, at 18 New Hill, by Mr. and Mrs. Corrigan.

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