Fact Check-Dorval, the mayor of Quebec did not insult the Muslim community, an old hoax resurfaces

The allegations that the mayor of Dorval, a city in Quebec, Canada, insulted Muslims over a demand to remove all pork products from school canteens are false. The eight-year hoax has been debunked in the past and featured different cities as well.

Examples of misleading content are visible here and here .

The text says, in part, “Muslims must be aware that they must adapt their customs, traditions and way of life to Canada and Quebec. The long “conference” is presented as a supposed response issued by the mayor in response to Muslim parents who have asked for “the withdrawal of pork in all school canteens in Montreal and its suburbs”. It ends with an ultimatum that reads: “If you came to Canada with the idea that you would move us with your prolific spread and end up taking over the country, you will have to pack your bags and go back to where you are.” come. We have no room for you and your ideology. If you accept the situation, stay. Otherwise, get ready to go.

The image used in these messages is not that of the mayor of Dorval, Quebec, Edgar Rouleau, which can be seen here: here . The man represented is a Belgian far-right politician, Tanguy Veys, visible here in the French publication Le Monde.

The exact photo used in statements taken by AFP photographer Dominique Faget can be seen here .

Previous iterations of the same claim but defined in Belgium and not Canada, can be seen in this September 2014 article here and were debunked by Snopes.com in 2014 here .

When presented to him the story, the communications officer for the city of Dorval Sébastien Gauthier confirmed: “the information is false. He added that the Dorval story has been circulating for over six years, “It’s cold, but it always reappears for several weeks and goes out again, only to come back later. “

The official underlined a statement (here) the city published in 2015 debunking the hoax. Buzzfeed also debunked the allegation in 2014, here .


False. The mayor of Dorval Quebec did not write a statement insulting the Muslim community. The false allegations about the mayor and the Muslim community are a resurgent hoax.

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