Eric Zemmour, French far-right expert, asks woman to take off her hijab on television

The French far-right polemicist operates on a populist and anti-Muslim platform, capturing growing media space through provocative stunts.

A shocking video featuring far-right French expert Eric Zemmour surfaced on social media today, sparking controversy.

The video was shot this morning during a visit to the city of Drancy, located in the Paris suburbs. It shows Zemmour interacting with a veiled woman residing in Drancy and asking her to remove her hijab in order to demonstrate “that she is free”.

The woman in turn asked Zemmour to remove his tie, arguing that his hijab is an equally personal clothing choice. She then removed her hijab in front of the camera, asking Zemmour, “I’m going to take it off, does that mean you’ll start to respect me?”

“The hijab is not what makes religion”, she added, “just like wearing a tie does not make you smarter”.

The video was broadcast on the French news channel News, who has long thrived on the controversial figure of Eric Zemmour, hosting him as a commentator on popular shows and making him one of the most central characters on French television.

Zemmour is not yet a declared candidate in the French elections, but some polls attributed 16% of the voting intentions to him, making him the second most popular candidate after President Emmanuel Macron and just ahead of far-right leader Marine Le Pen.

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