Dispatch from Afghanistan: Taliban issues harsh hijab edict for Afghan women – JURIST

Law students and lawyers in Afghanistan file reports with JURIST on the situation there after the Taliban took over. Here, a young lawyer reports on a new Taliban decree issued on Saturday on the wearing of the hijab by Afghan women. For reasons of confidentiality and security, we retain the name of our correspondent. The text has only been slightly modified to respect the author’s voice.

Here is a translation of the first and second pages of new Taliban government decision on the “Religious Hijab”. According to the decision, it is “compulsory” for all “mature and noble” women in Afghanistan to cover all parts of their body, including their face, except for their eyes. It is the most extreme interpretation of the hijab in the Islamic world that the Taliban intend to apply to Afghan women.


Small explanatory and comparative plan of the religious hijab

Despite the fact that for a long time there have been regular and continuous programs in the country to unveil women, fortunately, 99% of the zealous women of the mujahideen nation observe the hijab in accordance with the principles of Shariah and Afghan tradition. For others, since there are no excuses or obstacles, they must comply with this mandatory rule of Sharia.

• Judgment on the hijab
– It is mandatory for adult and noble Muslim women to observe the religious hijab

• Definition of hijab
– Any garment that covers the body is considered a hijab, but this garment should not be too thin to be seen on the body or it should not be too tight to show the protrusions of the body parts.

• Types of hijab

The chador/burqa, which has been part of the country’s dignified Afghan culture for centuries, is the best type of religious hijab.
– A black dress and a chador called hijab is also a religious hijab, but it should not be tight and sticky
– Without forcing you to leave the house is the first and best sign of observing hijab

• Hijab observation case
– Women who are neither old nor young in terms of life, in the face of non-mahram men, due to the possibility of sedition according to religious guidelines, except for their eyes, they must absolutely cover their faces.

• Benefits of Observing Hijab

– Religious hijab is the commandment of Almighty God and its observance is obedience to His command
Hijab is the privilege of Muslim and noble women
– Women are shielded from the veil of disobedience and sin
– Have dignity and dignity
– Corruptors are safe from evil and corruption
– Hunting seditionists and conspiracy theorists is not allowed.

• Methods and steps of applying hijab:

(1) persuasion

– Promote decision, importance and benefits of hijab and harms of not wearing hijab through media and pulpits
– Write persuasive sentences and put up hijab billboards in markets, parks and other public places

(1) Punishment and intimidation

– If the hijab is not observed, the house of the woman without hijab will be marked for the first time and her guardian (Muharram man) will be warned and punished.
– If repeated a second time, but (Muharram’s man) will be summoned to the relevant department
– If this is repeated for the third time, Vali (man of Muharram) will be imprisoned for three days
– If this is repeated for the fourth time, but (Muharram’s man) will be presented in court and given the appropriate penalty
– Women who work in the institutions of the Islamic Emirate and who do not respect the hijab must be dismissed
– If wives and daughters of government officials and officials do not observe hijab, their duties will be suspended.

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