Dave & Busters Trip with the Programs Board

Sarah Shelton Feature editor

Arcade games, free food, and prizes became Friday night for students as they moved on a bus for the trip from the Program Board, ProCon, to Dave & Busters.

“I’m one of the advisors for ProCon,” said Eric Lacharity, assistant director of student engagement and leadership development. “This is the second time that we have organized this event. The first time we did it, it went really well so we said to ourselves ‘we have to do it again’. It’s a great opportunity for students to get off campus, play games, maybe play games they’ve never seen before, have a nice dinner, and relax.

Dave & Busters is a restaurant and arcade located in the Milford Shopping Center. Lacharity said the weekend programmers organized the entire event, including working with Dave & Busters and the bus company.

“I have to sit down and watch it all happen,” Lacharity said. “We trust them [student programmers] with all. We think they’ve done such a good development job as a committee and they work very independently. ”

Senior weekend programmer Matt Berry, a senior, was one of the programmers who organized this trip.

“We reached out to a Special Events Program Coordinator at Dave & Busters and told them where we wanted to go, what we wanted in our room and how many students we had so that we had enough food and playing cards, ”Berry said.

28 students participated in the trip and ProCon gave each student a game card with $ 35 in credits on it. They provided a party room for everyone to sit and eat. The food consisted of cheeseburger sliders, salad with bread, fruit platters, fries, and mini hot dogs. They also had chocolate filled churros for dessert.

“My friend told me there was a place open at the last minute [someone dropped out hours before]”said freshman communications major Spencer Lane.” She was about to give up, then she saw a place open up and thought ‘you should come.’ I think it will be a fun night.

Lane played a bunch of games, including Mario Kart and Family Guy Bowling, but was more interested in food and Sonic the Hedgehog.

“I mostly came because I saw the Sonic the Hedgehog meme that was like ‘alone on a Friday night?’ You’re pathetic ‘and I was like’ it can’t be me ‘, ”Lane said.

This led to Lane also getting a mysterious stuffed animal Sonic with the tickets he won. The stuffed animal came in a box, and there was an option of all the different Sonic characters you could get, but since it was a mystery, you weren’t aware of the price inside.

“I took the one character out of the box that I didn’t want,” Lane said. “It was 750 tickets, and I got the one I didn’t want. This box was behind another, I specifically chose this one. If I didn’t believe in my pride, I could have had Sonic.

Before arriving, Lane said he was very excited about the food. Biotechnology major Eva Rodriguez, a freshman, agreed.

“I can’t wait to eat right now, I’m hungry,” Rodriguez said. “I also can’t wait to go to the mall. I didn’t know it was in the mall.

Towards the end of the night, some students left to enter the mall, unaware it was closed and were kicked out of Dave & Busters.

“We left the mall, and it’s closed, we can’t go back,” said Luke Molwitz, a freshman in health studies. “In theory, we can, there is cardboard in the [outside entrance] door.”

Molwitz and his friends walked from the inside exit / entrance to the outside of the mall to enter through the outside entrance.

“I played a lot of coin games, got gummy bears and got locked out,” Molwitz said. “It was fun.”

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