Council unveils Hakka-inspired dishes for exhibition

Hakka Business Council to offer fusion dishes in its pavilion at weekend-long Taiwan Culinary Expo

  • By Jonathan Chin / Editor, with CNA

The Hakka Business Council introduced a new type of pizza with Hakka-style stir-fried toppings and other fusion dishes on Tuesday ahead of the Taiwan Culinary Expo which starts today.

The council’s Hakka Mixi pavilion at the expo would feature “slow fast food” prepared with traditional ingredients and flavors but in new forms, council vice minister Chung Kung-chao (鍾孔炤) said during a press conference presenting the dishes.

The innovative dishes combine the traditions of Hakka home cooking with modern dishes that appeal to younger generations, he said.

Photo: ANC

Stands displaying the Hakka Mixi banner would serve a different menu each day during the exhibition, the council said.

Project partners include restaurateur and food writer Andy Hsu (徐仲), vegetarian chef Lin Sheng-chih (林聖智), chef Kuo Ting-wei (郭庭瑋) and food designer Wilma Ku (顧瑋), a- he specified.

Hsu was making a capon dish on tea seed oil and citrus sauce with pickled radish and French-style peanut tofu, Wang and Lin were toasting with fermented tofu spread and gnocchi, while Kuo and Ku were preparing a Chuti (竹地) dish of Chicken with Citrus Sauce and Pingtung Pork with Coke Sauce, he said.

Other partners include this year’s Bakery World Cup-winning bakers Wu Wu-hsien (吳武憲) and Lee Chung-wei (李忠威), oil taster Chen Chun-liang (陳俊良), pickle maker and company founder Huang Ching-ya (黃靖雅) and tea leaf expert Chang Chia-chi (張家齊), he said.

They would create a variety of foods with ingredients such as dried persimmons, citrus sauce and scallion sauce, he said.

The exhibition will run through Sunday in Hall 1 of the Taipei World Trade Center.

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