Cornwall City Council received an update from the SDG Historical Society regarding the Cornwall Community Museum

CORNWALL, Ontario – Council for the City of Cornwall has received an update from the SDG Historical Society regarding the Cornwall Community Museum

Senior Curator Jean-Yves Lemoine presented to Council the Cornwall Community Museum’s goal of becoming an economic engine, creating tourism activities for the community, and strengthening its partnership with the City of Cornwall.

The Museum’s first activity in 2022 is a celebration of friendship and the arrival/camping of new settlers in 1784.

“One of our main activities is going to be a friendship party, we will have re-enactors around the Museum on May 20,” said Jean-Yves Lemoine. “Our activity is going to be inclusive of all cultures that were present in 1784, so we are going to have Mohawks, French Canadians, British, Scots and Palatines.”

The Cornwall Community Museum’s goal with this activity is to immerse people in what it would be like to be part of these cultures in 1784.

“We are going to travel back in time to 1784, so that our visitors can experience it. We are going to have a lot of activities, like a replica of French-Canadian boats, and explain the history. We’re going to have a traditional Mohawk welcoming ceremony…and throughout the weekend we’re going to have traditional Scottish, French-Canadian, British, Mohawk songs.

One of the new additions to the museum is a research center where the archives of the national branch of UELAC will be stored.

“We are very proud to have created a research center, but also a centralized library in a multipurpose room”, declared Jean-Yves Lemoine. “In our archives we have over 10,000 files on Cornwall, businesses, people, SD&G, and just over half a million photos which are digitized into our database so that we can help people make any research on genealogy, or any other request. .”

Cornwall City Council was delighted with the presentation and several councilors expressed enthusiasm for these upcoming events.

“Mr. Lemoine, this was probably the most exciting presentation I have seen at the Council table in a very long time. I think you are going to liven up the park and we have been waiting a long time for this to happen,” said the Councilor Elaine MacDonald “I think the events you have planned will be well attended.”

For more information on the Cornwall Community Museum and upcoming events, visit their websiteor their Facebook page.

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