‘Borat 2’ posters removed from buses amid criticism from Muslim community

A number of Borat 2 posters were taken from buses across Paris following criticism from the Muslim community.

The removal of the spreads, which see Borat, Sacha Baron Cohen’s comedy character wearing a surgical mask in lieu of a mankini and a ring engraved with the word “Allah” in Arabic, has been requested by a number of passengers and drivers, according to The temperature.

The posters were called “provocative” and “disrespectful” for Islam, according to The sun citing the French publication The Parisian.

The TICE network, operating in the southern suburbs of Paris in Evry, said it had removed the posters because of their “inappropriate” humor, denying any religious connotations.

FR24 also reports that an RATP bus driver on Twitter mentions an “order from the heads of regulation RATP BUS (CRIV) to withdraw Borat posters of RATP buses because of the controversy over the ring Borat wears on his finger ”.

RATP, the public operator of public transport, said The temperature he would not “remove this campaign from our network under any circumstances.”

Borat 2, whose full title is Next movie Borat: Paying a stupendous bribe to the American regime for the benefit of the once glorious nation of Kazakhstan, received mixed reviews on Amazon Prime Video on October 23.

In a three-star review of the film, NME said: “There are still some staggering scenes of impropriety, but there are fewer of them. It’s odd to say, given the state of perpetual outrage on Twitter, but much of what Borat says in this movie won’t sound outrageous.

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