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Bella Hadid led the charge, calling out countries that have banned the hijab.

The model took to Instagram to post a lengthy statement condemning nations that have banned the hijab in recent years.

“I urge France, India, Quebec, Belgium and all other countries in the world that discriminate against Muslim women to rethink the decisions you have made or are trying to make in the future regarding a body that is not yours,” she added. said.

“It’s not your job to tell women what they should or shouldn’t wear, especially when it comes to faith and safety.”

Illustrating the restrictions in place for hijabi women in France currently, the model described it shows how Islamophobic the world is without even acknowledging it”.

Huda Kattan, founder of Huda Beauty, also spoke out, saying she was a “loss of words” at such restrictions.

“It’s shocking to see such a violation of human rights happening in 2022 and by countries like France and Canada which are supposedly progressive,” she said, adding “the freedom of choose to cover up and wear [the] the hijab is a basic human right”.

It comes after last year in March the French Senate voted to ban the hijab for anyone under the age of 18. Meanwhile, in late 2021, a teacher in Quebec, Canada, was reportedly removed from her class for wearing the hijab.

Similarly, more recently, tensions erupted in India after the state of Karnataka ordered a ban on the hijab in schools and colleges.

According to tradition, many Muslim women wear the hijab for religious purposes because they cover their hair from the age of puberty, usually before the age of 18.

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