An old protest video of the Muslim community in Paris relaunched after the murder of a French teacher

French teacher Samuel Paty was recently beheaded in Paris by 18-year-old Abdulakh Anzorov. Paty had shown caricatures of the Prophet Muhammad during a course on freedom of expression, in connection with the Charlie Hebdo affair which scandalized the youngster and led him to brutally murder the teacher.

The incident sparked disinformation targeting the Muslim community. A few days ago, Surendra Poonia falsely claimed that the teacher was hosting refugees in France and paid the price with her life.

Madhu Kishwar, who has frequently disseminated disinformation on Twitter, has now posted a video writing: “French citizens protesting against Muslims taking over sidewalks and road space for Namaz… The French responded by chanting the ‘French national anthem aloud. No surprise, if these Islamists “in danger” ask for asylum in India & “Sabaka-Saath-Sant” promulgates a special law to welcome them!

The video was shared recently, giving the impression that the incident is linked to the murder of the French teacher.

The clip was also featured on Facebook.

Old video

A reverse image search of the video’s keyframes on Yandex led us to reports from 2017 that say around 2,000 worshipers gathered in Clichy, a northwestern suburb of Paris, to pray on the streets. after the closure of a local mosque.

Many the news carry visuals similar to scenes in the recently shared video.

“Muslim worshipers were using the plaza to pray to protest a recent decision by the mayor to close their usual nearby prayer hall, which hosted up to 5,000 Muslim worshipers every day. Authorities opened a new mosque for the community, but it was 1.5 km away and worshipers said it was difficult to reach. Their Friday protests were aimed at putting pressure on the city council to agree to open a prayer room in the center of Clichy, ”reported Local France. It should be noted that the country has the largest Muslim population in Western Europe.

A banner in the background that says ‘STOP ILLEGAL STREET PRAYERS!’ (Stop illegal street prayers) can be seen in the video, as well as the news from 2017.

The prayers were met with protests from French politicians who said it was an “abuse of public space,” reported BBC. Politicians began to sing the French national anthem when worshipers offered namaz.

“They sang the Marseillaise, threw it in our faces, even though we are French here. We are French. Long live France! “One of the faithful said AFP News Agency.

A video of an old demonstration of the Muslim community in Clichy was taken over by Madhu Kishwar after the beheading of Paris. Muslims took to the streets to pray after a local mosque closed. The public offering of prayers has not been well received by politicians in France, a country where the separation of church and state is fiercely implemented by many.

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