Agenda of the municipal council of 09/15/22 | Syndicated content

The Bloomfield City Council will meet at 7 p.m. on September 15 at the Bloomfield Public Library. The agenda includes a public hearing to approve an ordinance amending Chapter 122 of the city code by modifying licensing exemptions for transient merchants. The hearing will be followed by a vote of approval on first reading and a vote of disapproval on second and third readings of the order. Other agenda items include updates from the Chief of Police, Chief of Fire, Main Street and DCDC; authorize the Mayor to sign the Scope of Commitment to the Fowler Development Agreement; authorize the mayor to sign an agreement for the retail frontage grant improvement project; discuss and decide on the addition of an additional police officer; Update on Chapter 75 or the ATV and ORV Ordinance by Don Walton and Zach Dunlavy; approve the updated quote for the repair of the bucket truck; endorse the Clean Energy Week Proclamation; discuss the PAYS program with Jeff Geerts of IEDA; approve the salary estimate of $78,275 for the work done on bioretention cell #2; approve tobacco/steam license for Family Dollar; discuss and decide on Dollar Tree’s invoice discount request; approve the additional closure of streets on September 24 for the unloading of pumpkins; approve the appointment of new volunteer firefighter John Miller; approve engineering services agreements with French-Reneker for the extension of the sanitary sewers on Arkansas, Davis, North and Columbia streets and for the replacement of the storm sewers on Walnut Street; approve the estimate of $8,725 for Cody’s Tree Service to cut down and clean up trees at four locations; discuss and decide whether to remove imprisonment as a penalty for violating a municipal ordinance; approve the French-Reneker invoice of $21,824.01 for engineering services for street improvements; reports from the City Administrator, DPW, Director of Community Development, Council updates and comments from the Mayor.

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